Eight Classic Point and Click Adventure Games

GRIM FANDANGO In many respects, Grim Fandango should never have worked. Not only was it the first adventure  game from LucasArts to use 3D graphics overlaid across static prerendered backgrounds, but it was  also a strange blend of ideas – mixing film noir staples and a Day Of The Dead aesthetic. Grim Fandango was both […]


Memorable titles from the popular subgenre GREEN BERET SYSTEM: Arcade YEAR: 1985 ■ Hopefully flame-throwers and bazookas count as guns, otherwise Green Beret is a ‘roast-and-boom’. Semantics aside. Konami’s tough coin-guzzler created a template for the run-and-gun titles that followed, and it still provides a stiff challenge. COBRA SYSTEM: Various YEAR: 1986 ■ Having developed […]

Soul Blazer (2D Action Rpg)

review: This game is very underappreciated (upgradeable sword) simply because it was hard to purchase anywhere, (reveal treasure) since the game’s supply was very limited. It contained revolutionary gameplay, (Battle six bosses within five distinct realms) a lot of different spells and some very different and funny worlds. (Cast powerful magic) The bosses were interesting […]

Perfect Dark

review: It’s a wonderful shooter with LOADS (Undercover Agent) of awesome weapons that no shooter can match today, (Gadgets) good controls, great graphics, characters, and the Multi-player is superb. Story: It’s your classic Alien VS Human (Evil Corporations) story line (Although it goes the way of Halo showing that some aliens (Female Protagonist) are with […]

Super Mario 64 PC

review: Awesome game experience for Pc gamers. This game lacks at nothing and is the pure definition of 3-d mario. (Gamepad Recommended) As classic as it is, this game is outstanding with its (3D Graphics) length, difficulty, and gameplay. While not boasting great graphics, (Mario 64 uses the analog control stick) the game’s classic tunes […]

Blaster Master (classic game)

review: This game is great. a true classic. Innovative, creative, challenging, definitely in my The Best “SIDE SCROLLING GAMES” list.  score: 90/100 Gameplay: Gameplay in Blaster Master depends on [2dshooter] the situation and location of the player. The game has 2 modes of [2dshooter] gameplay. The first mode is where the player controls [2dshooter] SOPHIA […]

Top 10: Video Game Remakes

Battlezone (Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy) Battlezone is a critically acclaimed remake (4 Microsoft Windows) of an (scrts) arcade game of the same name. It was released by Activision in 1998. (scrts) Aside from the name and presence of tanks, this game bears little resemblance to the original. (scrts) Activision remade it into a hybrid of a […]

Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble is a one or two-player game in [2d platformer] which players guide a pair of running, jumping, bubble-shooting dinosaurs [2d platformer] around 100 screens of non-scrolling platform action. When a bubble makes contact with a monster, the monster [2d platformer] floats upward. To kill the enclosed creature, thereby revealing an item 4 bonus […]

PP Hammer and his Pneumatic Weapon Pc

review: A GREAT Game. That kind of puzzle, action, music, pressure combination is only, one. Plattform: PC-Amiga Genre: Action-Puzzle Styles: Side-Scrolling 2D Action Puzzle Developer: Travelling Bits Production Publisher: Demonware Release: Dec.31.1991 Controls: Keyboard/Gamepad allpcgame Score: 90