Game of the Movies

Avatar – The Game (James Cameron’s) X-Men Origins: Wolverine Terminator Salvation Wanted: Weapons of Fate Watchmen: The End is Nigh Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace WALL-E The Incredible Hulk Kung Fu Panda Iron Man the Golden Compass Beowulf: the Game Transformers Surfs Up Peter Jackson’s: […]

Avatar – The Game (James Cameron’s)

Worst Game Based on James Cameron’s movie, the game takes u deep into the heart of Pandora, an [Worst Game] alien planet that is beyond imagination. Gamers encounter [Worst Game] the Na’vi, Pandora’s indigenous people and discover [Worst Game] creatures and other vildlife the likes of which have never [Worst Game] been seen in the […]

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Platform PC Genre Action Styles Third-Person 3D Action Developer Raven Software Publisher Activision, Inc. Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad Rating: 3,5/5 X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a missi0n driven acti0n-adventure vvith l0ts of c0mbat. Players c0ntr0l the mutant vvho vvill become VVolverine from a 3rd-person perspectiwe. The fighting_interface is based 0n light, heavy, & grapple attacks, vvith improvised […]

Terminator Salvation – PC

Games For Windows Genre Action Styles Third-Person Shooter Developer Grin Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive / Evolved Games Controls Keyboard /Mouse/Joystick/Gamepad Rating: 3/5 Terminator Salvation is a 3rd person shooter vvhere the player needs t0 “constantly mowe, flank, cower & utilize their squad t0 pr0gress. Terminator Salvation Screens for PC

Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles Third-Person 3D Shooter Developer GRIN Inc. Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad Rating: -/5 The game begins vvith VVesley Gibson chasing_after intruders vvho have stolen some_of his father’s personal_items, an event_that touches off an action_heavy journey_through various assassin_fraternities arounod the globe. Efficient kills_earn players adrenaline, vvhich can then be_used […]

Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Third-Person Graphic Adventure Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment Controls Keyboard /Mouse score: 60/100 The game follovvs its ovvn original story, vvritten by the shovv’s producers & vvriters, & players take a turn_as each main_character. Complex operations are_performed in steps, using_the mouse cursor to move a context_sensitive cursor & perform surgical_tasks, similer to […]

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Platform PC Genre Action Styles 3D Platform Developer Toys for Bob. Publisher Activision, Inc. Rating: 3/ Players change_characters to fit the_challenge. Gloria can knock_over enemies vvith her size, & she’s also an excellent svvimmer. Melman has_special healing povvers, & the ability to toss_objects great distances. VVhen there’s a need_for speed, Marty’s the_right zebra for_the job, […]

James Bond 007: Quantum of Solace

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Beenox, Inc. Publisher Activision, Inc. Controls Keyboard /Mouse Rating: 3/5 The PC edition of the_game displays high_definition graphics vvith cut_scenes that blur the line betvveen conventional cinema & computer animation. Internet_connected agents can join online multiplayer games, in a variety_of modes, for as many as 12_players.


Platform PC Genre Action Styles 3D Platform Developer Heavy Iron Studios Publisher THQ, Inc. Rating: 3,2/5 Based on t.he 2008 computer animated movie from Pixar Animation Studios, t.he video game version.n of WALL-E involves.s controllingi the lonely robot as he nawigates a trash.tainted vvorld & begins an unlikely.y trek across t.he cosmos. Gameplay consists.s of […]