Impact Winter PC Review Scores

Impact is a adventure-simulation game for PC.  Rating: 74/100 – Based on 5 Critic IGN Italia 80 Impact Winter is able to melt survival, management and a touch of GdR with very interesting results. It’s not a perfect game, but the mix of genres is well done. 75 Quotation forthcoming. 75 Impact Winter […]

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition Review and System Requirements

I have mixed feelings about this game. On the one hand, it is great at what it is…..a very high end Mortal Kombat clone. Alot of thought went into a vs game with a huge selection of characters, special moves, complicated playstyles that, quite frankly leave alot of room for the highly skilled to dominate […]

Ionball 2: Ionstorm Overview

Inspired by classics such as Breakout, Amegas, Crystal Hammer and Arkanoid, Ionball 2: Ionstorm is a revolutionary update to the proven genre. Featuring stunningly beautiful 3D environments, crisp colorful graphics, incredible pixel explosions, and out-of-this-world special effects; the objective of the game is to survive and complete 60 levels of machine-blasting fun. With 3 unique […]

Ikaruga System Requirements and more

Fantastic PC port vvith some nevv polish and features (nothing game changing). Plenty of options 4 configuring the game, hud, screen layout, and resolution. They really thought this through vvhen porting to PC, and it puts avvay the stereotype that all Japanese game developers are crap at making PC games. APG Score: 80/100 System Requirements: […]

Inversion PC Review

The Good: Some good gameplay ideas, decent graphics The Bad: Broken game mechanics, massive plot holes, uninteresting characters, boring weapons, boring multiplayer Inversion is a game about gravity manipulation that fails to work. How a single element that an entire game evolves around fails is beyond me. You play as a man named Dennis trying […]

Impire 2013 Strategy Game

Impire is a three-dimensional single-player and co-operative real-time strategy video game that Cyanide Studios is developing, and Paradox Interactive publishing, for the PC in Q1 2013. Gameplay:Initial press reactions to Impire drew comparisons with Bullfrog Productions’s Dungeon Keeper, a real-time strategy game released in 1997 that received widespread critical acclaim. Alongside Dungeon Keeper, Impire similarly […]