Stronghold Kingdoms Invades Mac

Firefly Studios invites Mac gamers to join the fight for medieval Europe on January 13th with a new port and cross platform play Strategy fans can now get their MMORTS fix with Stronghold Kingdoms, which launches worldwide 13th January on Mac. Still one of the Top 100 most played games

Death Blade MAC Review (1996)

More than anything else, Death Blade plays like a game of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. A lot of the monsters have the same names and special attacks as AD&D monsters. Many of the magic items also are the same. It’s rather easy to tell what the inspiration for this shareware

Space Ace MAC-1994 Review

Similar to Dragon’s Lair is Space Ace, both by the Bluth Group. In each, you get to play a hero, racing to rescue a beautiful maiden. In action and adventure, though, Space Ace comes off as weak compared to the better and earlier Dragon’s Lair. In Space Ace, the evil