Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Trainer Download (cheats) and more

Rating: 50/100

Review: A virtual MMORPG that sadly replicates the hundreds of by-the-numbers, uninspired MMORPGs available on PC( without the “fun” of playing with other “real” players). Graphics look like PS3 quality and the quests are nothing but tiresome “run around and kill x amount of boring monster x” . This game caters to the Japanese and weebo market where anything that involves mostly female characters drawn in the typical anime style means a game is awesome.

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Rivais Em Batalha Download Game Trainer & System Requirements

GameInfo: Rivais Em Batalha is a multiplayer shooter game in third person where you play as

an alien warrior against your rival race for territory conquests. This is a game that values team unity and therefore does not show the scores of the players in the match to find out who killed more or died less. Only interests is the team’s success. In this game you carry rifles and grenades in which you can use against your enemies, run in dynamic maps created for a fun experience to play a game in the third person, take and defend command points for your team and held in collective missions with your teammates.


GENRE: Third Person shooter
GAME ENGINE: Unreal Engine 4
PLAYER: Multiplayer
GAME MODES: In development

System Requirements


  • OS: 7
  • Processor: Quad Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Shader model 3 system compatible
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade – PC Review (Pros – Cons)

-Action is fun if unforgiving
-Team based
-Enjoy playing with friends/group
-Some good map and weapon designs so far

-In much need of balancing, a few builds are very blatently OP
-Much development still needs to take place in terms of well everything from melee to factions
– If you are an EU player like me, chances are, that the game
will be unplayable laggy for you. Right now there are only NA servers.
Players are warping all over the place, close combat classes like
assault marines or raptors will instant kill you before you even see
them etc.
This might be solved when they get some EU based servers.

The game mechanics are very inconsistant. If you want to climb a hip
high plateau, you’ll have to run a long its edge until you find the spot
where the game will let you climb it. You can climb onto boxes that are
taller than your character, but you’ll fail to step out of a knee deep
trench. You can brace your heavy weapon on fences, but can’t do that on
other barricades of the same height.
– vehicle physics …. there is none. Tanks and heavy troop transports just slide around.
– there still tons of placeholders in the load out screen.
– there are still lots of balancing issues.

Rating: 60/100

Blade & Soul Reviews

Reviews           Screenshots & Specs Related Trailer

Rating: 56/100

GameInfo: Your tale of revenge unravels across a world where martial arts and mythology meet in a furious clash of fists and betrayal. The path of vengeance begins with determination. Choose one of four unique races, and use detailed character customization tools to shape your persona with near-infinite possibilities. Like the crane that soars on the wind, explore a beautiful, cinematic world as you use the power of windwalk to glide across forests, dash across rivers, and jump over mountains. See the world inspired by the distinct visual style of acclaimed artist Hyung Tae Kim as you travel the land.

Rating: 90/100                                                                                 
Blade and Soul is one of the most fun Asian styled mmo’s i have ever played. I have been playing the NA/EU Version since Alpha Testing and have enjoyed every single minute i have played the game. Don;t trust these reviews from people who have not even played the game and are writing low reviews because of NC soft as a company, or they played one of the Asian servers and found it grindy. The NA/EU Port was very well done and the game has an amazing story. Also PvP while fun is not required to enjoy the game, but the PvP is insanely fun and skill based instead of gear based. I was able to attack and kill someone 7 levels higher than me because i knew my class better. it is a real rush! And the Tag Team Arena Matches have so much awesome and surprising twists it is amazing!

My Main point is since the game is free to play, please try it for yourself before you decide to follow the advice of people who have not played this version and base it off the past.

Rating: 50/100                                      
It’s pretty and plays a lot on sexyness. It’s quite disturbing thought that the female population seems to be 90% of the character base. While I understand that some people want to play as female it’s obvious that a lot of players also just want to look at a sexy womans behind while playing, giving the feeling of hundreds of horny teenagers running around you while you play.

The story is good if you enjoy that sort of manga/anime adventures though I personally have a bit of a problem when I’m the only survivor when my school is attacked and then I’m supposed to play with a bunch of players that are also the only survivor of when their school was attacked…

The game is more action based than WoW but don’t expect it to be a mortal kombat mmo (even though many seems to want to make that comparison).

Controlls are ok-ish, I enjoy the jump float feeling.

I give it a low score since it didn’t manage to capture me and since the most fun I’ve had in the game was in the character creation…and the character creation is quite awesome, to bad nobody else notice all the details you put in to building your persona since you are just another sexy lady with protective gear that covers 20% of your body.

I have a feeling that this game is popular mostly because people are itching big time for something to replace WoW….and horny teenagers.

Rating: 30/100                   
From the hour I got to play this game it was fun, with fluid controls. I had to get off to go to work, after returning home I find myself in a Que of 3000 people! The line was moving slow and I’m not prone to waiting an hour to play a game I kind of like. Unless they fix this I see a major dip in client base coming their way. Good luck to those of your still in line. I’m just going to wait for Black Desert and Lost Arc, way to let me down NC Soft.

Developer: NCSOFT
Genre(s): Massively Multiplayer Online

Heroes of the Storm – PC Review

Review Screenshots Specs GameInfo Trailer

Truly an incredible game experience. I’ve played League of Legends and definitely enjoyed it but became somewhat of a toxic game experience too often for my comfort and I lost interest. Played DOTA 2 which also didn’t hold my interest for long.

I started playing in the alpha then beta for Heroes of the Storm and watched the game develop into something quite fun and fabulous! I am a fan of Blizzard games (Warcraft 1-3, Starcraft 1-2, WoW, and Diablo 1-3) and have had a chance to try out my favorite characters in this MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). I can confidently say that Blizzard once again has knocked this one out of the park.

You start the game with a tutorial in basic game mechanics which eases you into the experience. When you feel ready you can venture into real combat with player vs player in a 5 vs 5 arena. Or if you’re more comfortable you are able to choose to play with AI, but the most fun is playing with and against real players who you can test your mettle with!

It’s exciting, it’s social, and the experience will leave you wanting to play more. Sure it’s frustrating to get blown out by a superior team, but it will motivate you to learn more about your maps and characters, making you better and stronger. The game is unique in that your team levels up together…you live and die by who you’re with.

The most satisfying fun I’ve had has been teaming up with my friends and being able to talk about the experience. So far my favorite characters to play are Nova (stealth surprise kills!), Malfurion (fun support from the Warcraft universe), Jaina, Raynor, Thrall, and now Johanna (tank Crusader from Diablo 3). If you love Blizzard games or MOBA style games this is a must. You can play for free, and if you enjoy the game can choose to pay real money to unlock skins or buy character packages etc.

If you’re not totally sold, I’d recommend downloading the free game and trying out the free stuff before committing to the starter pack. The starter pack is a great deal with a unique mount, the Golden Tiger Mount, and five heroes: Sonya – Warrior from Diablo 3, Zeratul – Assassin from Starcraft, Zagara – Specialist from Starcraft, Li Li – Healing Support from Warcraft, Jaina – Assassin Mage from Warcraft (omg awesome!!), and Ronin Zeratul Skin.

Probably one of the best parts of the game is the humor infused into it. There are character skins that will make you laugh. I won’t ruin them but plenty of them will make you go “WTF?!” And some are just clean, detailed, and awesome!

Rating: 85/100

H1Z1 – Information

Developer Profile: Sony Online Entertainment has been one of the leading purveyors of MMO games since the mid-to-late Nineties, and has been responsible for some of the most expansive products that the MMO movement has seen. Alongside H1Z1, the company is also developing the much-vaunted EverQuest Next.

Developer History:
EverQuest 1999 [PC],
Star Wars Galaxies 2003 [PC]
DC Universe Online 2011 [PC, PS3, PS4]
PlanetSide 2 2012 [PC, PSA]

High Point: PlanetSide 2- by all accounts SOE’s 2,000-player FPS leviathan shouldn’t have worked, but what we’ve been left with is an ambitious and polished MMO with genuine mass-market appeal.

Format: PC, PlayStation 4
Origin: USA
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: In-House
Release: TBC
Players: Massively Multiplayer

ArcheAge Overview (Synopsis and Features)

A free-to-play sandbox MMORPG, ArcheAge puts players in the middle of a classic battle between good and evil and offers a mix of combat, exploration, crafting, farming, and sailing. When creating characters, gamers can choose from four different races and more than 100 different classes based on ten skillsets, and once they reach level ten they can combine any three skillsets to create a custom class. As players gain experience they can practice and master a variety of skills, from hunting and gathering to crafting items, homes, ships, and even castles.

ArcheAge also includes fully navigable waterways, on which players can sail to secure trade routes, battle with pirates, and engage in full-scale naval warfare. Gamers can recruit allies and form guilds, build and fortify ships and buildings, and then engage in PvP combat. Players can also buy a variety of baby pets and watch them grow into dependable mounts or powerful battle companions, and in addition to travelling by boat or on mounts, characters can swim, dive, climb, walk, and use gliders, vehicles, and portals.

Rating: 79/100

Take part in a struggle between good and evil, set in a living world of farming, sailing, and combat
Create a character from four unique races and more than 100 different classes
Head to the seas for naval trade, piracy, and warfare

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Information and Mini Review

Developer Profile
Blizzard’s heritage is as prestigious as they come. It has managed to achieve that eversor are combination of decades of development (the company is 20 this year, excluding earlier years under the name Silicon & Synapse) and a long list of reputable, well-loved and – in many cases – innovative titles under its belt.

Developer History
Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft 2014 [PC]
World Of Warcraft 2004 [PC]
Diablo 1996 [PC]
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans 1994 [PC]

High Point: The release of World Of Warcraft is what turned the developer into a household name and gave MMOs a template to follow.

Review: The best expansion for World of Warcraft yet.

– The attention to detail and depth of the story is very complex and rewarding.
– The amount of exploration in this expansion is second to none before. Looking through every nook and cranny is back and you get rewarded for it sometimes (numerous treasure chests throughout the world)
– There’s a little bit for every play style in this expansion. Playing solo has never been easier and group content is there for you and your friends.

I haven’t played in 4 years and picking it back up felt like coming home to a world of friends.

Verdict: 85/100

Format: PC
Origin: USA
Publisher: Blizzard
Developer: In-house
Release: November 13, 2014
Genre: MMO
Players: Massively Multiplayer


Firefall The Game Review and System Requirements

Publisher: Red 5 Studios Developer: Red 5 Studios Genre: Action, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG Release Date: 29 Jul 2014

The only thing good about this game is the graphics and soundtrack. Quests are insanely repetitive and buggy. AI is terrible. End game is non-existent. Poor skill system. Poor balancing between classes. Really really bad PvP. I had supported this game during beta and was extremely disappointed. Gave it another 20 hours over a year later at launch and was even more disappointed. Squad/Army system is very rudimentary.
A lot was promised and Red 5 DID NOT deliver.
0/10 as 6.2 is WAY more than this game deserves. I would not give it more than a 3(for graphics/soundtrack)

Overall Summary: Very poorly executed gameplay with a good OST and very good graphics.

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP SP3
    • Processor: AMD Dual Core @ 2.6GHz; Intel Dual Core @ 2.2GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 8600 or ATI 4xxx with 1GB of VRAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Hard Drive: 20 GB available space 

Marvel Heroes Review

The game is a direct clone of the original Diablo series…but lacks any amount of depth in most areas. Though they have done a great job of capturing the look of the Marvel Heroes..thats pretty much all this game has done. the core game has enough content that you will complete it within your first 20-22 levels… then it becomes a tedious grind as you work your way to 60 using not the open world you level in…but standing around running your short repeats of boss fights at mission terminals.

Skill trees are shallow, and odds are every person playing the same hero, will have the exact same setup. This is because Gazillion decided to lock re-specing your hero in their cash shop…making the idea of experimenting with builds (one of the main hooks in the Diablo series) an expensive one at $5 bucks a pop. The “retcon” as it it is called does have a very very small chance at dropping in game, but checking in the forums, many, many people have played up to level 30+ already, and never gotten one…not that a single one would be much good anyhow. And since you can only have one of each hero…and their is no re rolling..you are stuck with any skills you chose, or you must pay them.

Verdict: 20/100 



Persistent World Online RPG

Franchise Characters
Release Date

June 4, 2013

Secret Identity Studios

Gazillion Entertainment

Downloadable Release