Seven: The Days Long Gone for PC Critic Reviews

Rating: 73/100 – Based on 10 Critics

gameinfo: Seven, The Days Long Gone is an open world isometric RPG video game developed by IMGN.PRO and Fool’s Theory. The game has a post-apocalyptic theme and is intended to have an emphasis on exploration and thievery, with characters using parkour skills to traverse the rooftops of the open world city.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: IMGN.PRO , Fool’s Theory
Publisher: IMGN.PRO
Release Date: 1 Dec, 2017

Critic Reviews

GameSpace: Playing a thief is never easy, but Seven: The Days Long Gone makes it fun. This new isometric RPG is packed with a few amazing elements one of the best is the deep dark story. Seven plays well but can be unforgiving at times, just the like world it takes place in. For fans of isometric RPGs, Seven delivers a lot of surprises.
Rating: 85/100 – Read full review

GameStar: Seven invites you to experiment and explore at any time.
Rating: 85/100 – Read full review

PC Gamer: A brilliant stealth sandbox and unconventional RPG in one very ambitious but buggy package.
Rating: 81/100 – Read full review

Wccftech: Seven: The Days Long Gone is a deep sandbox isometric RPG whose focus on stealth and impressive world design is guaranteed to suck you in. You’ll just need to be willing to put up with some rather frustrating user interface issues.
Rating: 80/100 – Read full review

MMORPG: Seven: The Days Long Gone is a game that tries to fit a lot of ideas into it. For a first time indie studio It feels like a lot of these ideas have been developed well. However with some clunky combat and stealth mechanics as well as the frame drop issue Seven would benefit from some more time in testing. This being said it is shaping up to be an incredibly immersive iso-RPG that offers some unique approaches to handling the genre.
Rating: 78/100 – Read full review

PC Aficionado: “Despite the buggy AI, and frame rate issues, Seven: The Days Long Gone was still a highly enjoyable game. It’s a real RPG experience that the hardcore gamers out there will enjoy more than anything. A few of the mechanics and design choices may put off the younger generation, but it’s a brilliant stealth sandbox regardless.”
Rating: 73/100 – Read full review

PC Games: The frustration level rises more and more over the course of the game, but: If Seven ironed out some mistakes, the game would definitely have a certain appeal and a lot to discover.
Rating: 72/100

IGN Spain: Seven: The Days Long Gone is a nice stealth-rpg with a very beautiful art and ost. The games works better as a tactic stealth game than as an RPG game but the mix feels good most of the time.
Rating: 72/100 – Read full review

Areajugones: Seven: The Days Long Gone is an amazing stealth game, but the melee combat has too many issues that need to be addressed.
Rating: 70/100 – Read full review

IGN: Seven: The Days Long Gone feels like it’s trying to break new ground at every turn, but in the process it makes some really bad choices and is executed poorly. Its action is acrobatic but almost immediately gets stale, climbing is only fun when the levels allow it, most crafting systems are needlessly obtuse, and its fast-travel system actively tries to kill you on a regular basis. Add to that the regular bugs, and Seven’s days are numbered.
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MXGP 3 Review – Been there, done that…

Riding a motorcycle is a technical affair at the best of times. It is extremely different from other forms of motorised transportation, purely because the actual physical body of the rider comes into play. And riding a motorcycle of dirt is very different from other surfaces, too, because the balance  and road holding offer all kinds of challenges to the rider. This is what makes people who compete in dirt biking as a sport such impressive riders. They have an extremely deep understanding of the  technical side of their machines, and they can apply this knowledge at a moment’s notice – like when picking out the best racing line.

That’s not something people deciding to enjoy the virtual version of the sport, in the form of MXGP  3, will need to worry about. It seems that the line doesn’t really matter as much here. Just blasting around the track is good enough, really, which is odd when considering that the game will require the player to take certain technical ideas into account.

That’s really the theme here – some things you need to worry about, and others you need to ignore.  The end result is a game that can be fun to play, but it cannot really be considered a simulation. Rather, MXGP 3 comes across like an arcade racer, which is something that developers Milestone have been struggling with since the series first fired up three years ago.

In fact, it is something that Milestone struggle with in most of their games. The real problem is that,  in this particular case, if any progress has been made, it isn’t obvious. Rather, it seems that Milestone have put all their efforts into making the game look good, rather than feel good. This is the best looking MXGP game yet. However, some things still need a little work – most notably the new dynamic weather system. While this system does add a nice new element to the mechanics of the game, it doesn’t look great. The rain, in particular, is disappointing, and the on-off nature of the weather (rather than using some kind of transition system) is jarring.

There are, naturally, a number of tweaks and changes that can be made to the way the game handles, making it more accessible or more challenging. This can improve things a bit when playing but caution needs to be exercised when handling the changes. That’s because they can be extremely finicky. Tweaking just a little too much in the wrong direction can have wide reaching and disastrous results.

The career mode will keep you busy as you work yourself from the bottom of the pile to the pinnacle of off-road racing, of course. But it, like almost every other aspect of MXGP 3, falls prey to the notion that there simply isn’t enough new here to warrant another iterated release. In fact, the whole experience feels like you’ve done this before, improved visuals aside, and it seems unclear on where Milestone is heading with this series… other than trying to make it look better.

And that’s a real pity because, quite frankly, the world needs a great dirt bike racing simulator. Sure, it’s a pretty niche market overall, but there is still a market for it. Unfortunately, MXGP 3 doesn’t feel like it is taking  the right steps to get to that point. It can be fun to play, sure, but ultimately is stays mired in the world of arcade-style racing, and those that want a really technical simulator will likely find it wanting.

While the visuals are better and questionable dynamic weather has been added, there really isn’t much in MXGP 3 that we haven’t seen before from the franchise.
Rating: 60/100

90/100 Nier: Automata – Square Enix’s New Killer Franchise | Rash Bandicoot

In 2010 Square Enix released Nier: an action RPG with a mysterious story involving some weird book. Its combat looked a bit clunky and the PS2 presentation didn’t help sell it. Not to mention all eyes were on FF 13 which at the time was the most hyped JRPG ever. It seemed the new IP was a bust but years on, even up until today, the name keeps getting brought up in game discussions. It’s weird yet engaging narrative, multiple endings, and a gorgeous soundtrack have helped keep the it afloat. Seven years later, Nier comes back in what could arguably be considered Square Enix’s new killer franchise. 

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Owlboy – PC Reviews (Critic Reviews)

GameInfo: Owlboy is a platform-adventure video game created by independent Norwegian developer D-Pad Studio The game is somewhat notable for its long development cycle.

100 – Owlboy Review | HardcoreGamer
Aside from just being one of the best indie platformers or retro throwbacks in recent memory, it’s easily just one of this year’s best games, period. Aside from playing like a dream and having flight-based gameplay that’s an absolute delight, it evokes the old quote of “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry” through an absolutely astounding and moving story with several lovable characters and a fascinating world to discover.
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95 – Owlboy Review | CGMagazine
Owlboy is a phenomenal adventure that succeeds in telling a captivating story with interesting characters and enjoyable gameplay.
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90 – Owlboy Review | The Outerhaven
There’s usually something to say, mostly negative, when it comes to games that miss their release date by a few years. While gamers are fine with a few weeks, to a few months for a delay, for a game to get delayed by years can typically mean one thing – it’s either vaporware of the development cycle is in development hell.
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90 – Owlboy Review | WGTC
D-Pad Studio’s latest release marks the end of one of the longest development cycles in indie game history. Owlboy has been in development since 2007, with frequent retoolings based on feedback and the team taking a break to work on 2013’s Savant – Ascent being the causes for its lengthy wait.
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90 – Owlboy Review | Stevivor
Paired with a well-written story and varied soundtrack, Owlboy does something that a lot of pixel-art games don’t – it elevates the medium from the bare requirements.
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90 – Owlboy Review | Metro GameCentral
A superbly crafted 2D adventure that is a near perfect blend of new and old influences, in terms of both gameplay and the stunning visuals and music.
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90 – Owlboy Review | GamingTrend
Owlboy was an incredible experience in every sense. Visually and audibly, it was a masterpiece. The characters were lovable, especially the protagonist, Otus. The story was compelling, and each new chapter gave something new and challenging to the players. D-Pad Studio clearly put a lot of love into this game and it paid off immensely.
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90 – Owlboy Review | The Jimquisition
Owlboy may have a few annoying navigational hangups, but none are enough to counter the overwhelming magic of the adventure at hand. Beautiful in both a visual and aural sense, littered with lovely characters, and home to a number of jawdropping combat encounters, Owlboy is a game almost ten years in the making that doesn’t show a trace of development hell.
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80 – Owlboy Review | Polygon
I can lean back and pick out plenty of things about Owlboy that frustrated me, but its failings shrink in the face of its triumphs. I have no excess of affection for the 16-bit genre retreads but even as Owlboy lacks the tightness or consistency of many of the games it sits alongside, it’s far more approachable, far more endearing, and far more unique.
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ReCore PC Reviews (Critic Reviews)

Rating: 58/100 – Based on 6 Critics – Genre: Action/Adventure

80 – Pixel Cereal
I’m not at all disappointed with ReCore despite some of the technical issues currently experienced. The game is fun, fast paced, and I was engaged in the story but after you finish the game once, chances are you won’t go back to it for some time(if ever) unless you really want to conquer those challenge dungeons.
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75 – THM Magazine
ReCore for Xbox One and Windows 10 will probably please all the “old school” gamers, despites some (huge) technical issues.

66 – Geek Culture
ReCore is a mishmash of several ideas that look good on paper, but don’t actually complement each other well in practice. The game is still pretty fun and retains a good amount of entertainment value, though it doesn’t quite live up to the pedigree of some of it’s creators. Metroid Prime this ain’t.
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60 – USgamer
ReCore is a style of game we haven’t seen in a while. Part Mega Man Legends, part Metroid Prime, ReCore puts exploration and platforming at the forefront. With your trusty corebot pals, you’ll double jump and dash through an open world and some damned fiendish dungeons. While ReCore trips up a bit with some odd combat and gating mechanics, it’s still worth your time if you remember how platforming was in the old days.
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40 – Games Radar
ReCore begins promisingly. You are Joule, a young woman sent to help terraform the planet of Far Eden.
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30 –  TechRaptor
There’s a good game buried somewhere in ReCore, but it’s lost in the massive inconveniences the game throws at you. From constantly refusing to let the player move on until they complete side content (even in the middle of dungeons) to loading times that put Sonic 2006 to shame. This ensures that ReCore starts off interestingly and ends up horrid.
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Release Date: Sep 13, 2016

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided PC Reviews (Critic Reviews)

Rating: 85/100 – Based on 7 Critics

GameInfo: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is an upcoming cyberpunk-themed action role-playing stealth video game developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix as a sequel to the 2011 Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Set two years after Human Revolution, Mankind Divided features the return of Adam Jensen from the previous game, with new technology and body augmentations.

95 – GameWatcher
“When pressed for what game I think is my favourite of all time, I invariably come back to Deus Ex. There have been games that have done parts of it better, shooting, stealth, open world exploration, but no game had done them all at the same time wrapped in a world that responds to your actions right down to chastising you for going in the ladies restroom. Eidos Montreal’s third game in the series, Human Revolution, was a wonderful continuation of that ethic. The story didn’t gel as well as it could’ve, and the less said about the boss battles the better, but otherwise it was a great modern Deus Ex. Now 5 years later Eidos Montreal have finally finished their sequel. Does it stand up to the legacy, or is it disappointing like the last even-numbered Deus Ex game?”
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88 – GameCrate
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided isn’t a revolutionary experience, but it is a high-quality one in just about every way. If you’re a fan of the genre or the series you’ll love it, and it’s worth a look even for those new to this kind of game (though prepare to wade through hip-deep lore as you go).
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90 – GameCynic
Despite some minor technical flaws and gameplay kinks Mankind Divided is a satisfying game that successfully captures and improves upon the Deus Ex formula.
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85 – Paulsemel
By mixing role-playing, first-person shooting, and stealth action into a futuristic setting, Deus Ex Mankind Divided is a great cyberpunk action/adventure game.
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80 – PC Invasion
Mankind Divided trades some global breadth for localised depth, setting the majority of its free-approach missions in Prague. The narrative feels closer to home too, thrusting Jensen in with the oppressed augmented masses. It’s a strong sequel, reinforcing the mechanics of player agency and unique world design Deus Ex is famous for, but unresolved plot points do disappoint.
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80 – GiantBomb
Adam Jensen’s return is largely successful, even if the conspiracy surrounding him could’ve been a little more engaging.
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80 – Gamereactor
“It’s an experience that conveys choice, with its narrative sculpted around your actions and combat approachable in multiple ways.”
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No Man’s Sky – PC Reviews (Critic Reviews)

Rating: 67/100 – Based on 6 Critics

85 – Blot Gaming
No Man’s Sky has finally been released! Are you interested in taking to the skies and exploring the Galaxy? Come and see if it’s the game for you!
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80 – InsideGamer
No Man’s Sky is a technical marvel. The universe with almost countless planets that are all very different and diverse (spaceships that you can have are otherwise just as random and diverse) are all superb. The game is not for everyone and looks more attractive than it plays. When in doubt, wait a few more months.

70 – wegotthiscovered
No Man’s Sky isn’t the “game to end all games” that some fans have made it out to be, but that’s no cause for alarm. What Hello Games’ ambitious project does offer is the chance to savor the little details in a massive universe absolutely rife with them — a messy universe, to be sure, but one that’s not that different from our own in that regard.
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70 – Hey Poor Player
The game-buying crowd elevated No Man’s Sky to the level of myth, but the truth is a bit more mundane: It’s a survival game.
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50 – Falling Skies
No Man’s Sky effectively portrays the loneliness of space by providing so little for the player to do that it’s tempting to flush one’s self out of an airlock just to break the tedium.
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50 – CriticalHits
No Man’s Sky is one of the most anticipated games of recent years. The love of the game players almost came when the game was revealed a few years ago, and after some delays and much, much hype, the game is here. Can he deliver what you promised? This is what we find today.

Starbound – PC Reviews

Rating: 78/100 – Based on 4 Critics – Genre: Action/Indie

85 – Game Informer
Starbound is a satisfying space sandbox that rarely disappoints, with occasional minor bugs or mandatory missions offering minor quibbles with unbridled, endless exploration. This ambitious indie project has something for everyone buried within its retrograde graphical framework.
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80 – Good Game
Starbound is so full of features and polished that now is actually a really good time to jump into this wonderful game of space exploration and adventure! Just look at what people building are creating! It’s incredible!
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80 – The Escapist
It’s a bit rough around the edges, and the first few hours are a slog, but Starbound is a deep and vast constructor with a killer soundtrack.
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70 – CheatHappens
“It happens nearly every year – just when I’m about to sit down and write my annual Game of the Year piece – a sleeper comes out of nowhere. A game you never expected to dominate your time like the AAA releases that have dominated the last ten months.”
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Carmageddon: Max Damage PC Reviews

 Rating: 49/100 – Based on 2 Critics – Genre Racing

58 – WCCFtech

Carmageddon: Max Damage is an ugly, annoying and downright tiresome game. Particularly so when played too much. But it’s not without its charms. A strong variety in weapons, vehicles and maps. Crude humor that can work, at times. It’s actually good in small doses, but not worth the current entry fee.
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40 – Complete Game Reviews
In the mid-to-late ’90s, vehicular combat games had come into their own. From the famous Twisted Metal, to the lesser known Vigilante 8 and Rogue Trip, the culture of the ’90s and the blossoming 3D technology melded perfectly.

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Valentino Rossi The Game PC Reviews (Critic Reviews)

Rating: 67/100 – Based on 3 Critics – Genre: Racing

73 – GamerKnights
“Like with Milestone’s Seb Loeb game, this element more than makes up for many of the other flaws and will automatically elevate the game into a ‘must buy’ for Rossi fans. Despite the somewhat confusing game title and terminology (the box art itself doesn’t help with various stickers and logos spread everywhere), Valentino Rossi also serves as Moto GP ’16. Therefore you get full access to all the official tracks, riders and bikes that you’d expect from a Milestone simulation, along with various options to create custom championships.”
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70 – Gamereactor
Who is Valentino Rossi? That’s a question a MotoGP fan would never ever find themselves asking. The legendary Italian phenomenon on two wheels has a massive seven world championship crowns at 500cc and titles at both 250cc and 125cc to go with that. Who better to mentor us as we put on the leather suit and head out onto the track to start our own career. Where the MotoGP games have been stuck in a rut for years, both in terms of the overall presentation and the physics it seems that things are moving in the right direction this time around.
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60 – Lazygamer
Every sport has a legend. A superstar who completely dominated on and off the field, track or ring. Boxing had Muhammed Ali, Formula 1 racing had Michael Schumacher and the Olympics had…shit, I don’t know? The Flash? I’m certain he’s real but whatever. Point is, none of these guys can compare to the success of Valentino Rossi. Easily the most dominant Italian on two wheels , Rossi is the legend of the MotoGP circuit, having claimed seven championships over the years.
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