Preview: Project CARS 2 – Aiming for Pole Position

Racing videogames tend to come in two types, the outlandish arcade ones like Mario Kart, or the hyper realistic simulators such as Gran Turismo. Virtual reality (VR) fans have already had a taste of both, seeing titles like VR Karts, DiRT Rally and Project CARS launch come to Oculus Rift

Battalion 1944 – Preview

Here is a love letter to a certain type of first-person shooter, one long abandoned by an industry so abhorrently focused on trampling all over its roots in an effort to seize control of the future of warfare. Bulkhead, however, is eager to move away from the exosuits, perks and

Vampyr Video Game Preview

On the surface, it may look like the time to start worrying about Vampyr. At a Focus Home showcase event allpcgame recently attended, we were supposed to be given the opportunity to see the progress developer Dontnod – working on its follow up to Life Is Strange – had been

A Plague Tale: Innocence Preview

As a general rule of thumb, technical demonstrations should always be approached with caution. It isn’t that developers are ever purposefully disingenuous, it’s just that a development cycle is  essentially a process of managing steadily shifting parameters; ideas and priorities can change, while systems and mechanics can grow or fade

Yooka-Laylee – Preview

Everything we’ve learnt so far about Yooka-Laylee reads like a love letter to the glittering heyday of 3D platformers. As we hurtle towards launch day for the crowdfunded title, headed up by a quite  astonishing lineup of industry  veterans responsible for games like Banjo- Kazooie and Perfect Dark, we almost

Sniper Ghots Warrior 3 – Preview

Conecpt: The Sniper series moves to Georgia for an open-world outing where civil war is being used to cover up a darker purpose. We thought we were doing rather well until we stepped out on a dirt track, triumphantly striding towards our jeep, and got knocked down in a hit

Continuum Game – Preview

Another student game generating buzz at PAX was Continuum. As well as being visually striking, people seemed to like that it is based on a traditional concept, with a twist. Simply, it’s like a flashy, fluorescent Space Invaders but where you immediately have control over the game’s speed. Go to

Chroma Shift – Preview

Chroma Shift is a co-op puzzle game where one robot is strong and the other is smart. I was the first, my son was the second, which is apt because he saw solutions to most of the levels before I did. The mechanics are easy to understand: balls colour the

Get Even – Preview & Information

“Get Even is the biggest title that has ever been produced in our studio” Concept: Cole Black has woken up without any memories, save for an attempt to save a teenage girl with a bomb strapped to her, so can he piece his past back together? There comes a point

PES 2017 – Preview

While we are yet to see MyClub or Master League in action, we find it unlikely the modes have seen any major UI overhauls; judging by how unintuitive it was to make a few substitutions, at any rate. There’s little question that Pro Evolution Soccer is more skilled and technically