Windjammers Game Review (PS4 and Vita)

Rating: 80/100 / Platforms: PS4 and Vita / Genre: Sports What happens when you mix Street Fighter and Pong? You get Windjammers! Pick your favourite character and try to throw your frisbee into the opponent’s goal. Each character has their own epic special moves to take you to the top!

Knack II – PS4 Review

Rating: 70/100 / Genre: Action / Platform: PS4   Knack is back! This time you can play the whole game co-op with a mate, which makes everything loads more fun. Knack still isn’t the coolest hero, but the graphics are great and the gameplay is fun and that’s what really

Gravity Rush 2 – PS4 Review

GO UP, UP AND AWAY IN THIS TOPSY TURVY ADVENTURE! Being down to earth is overrated! In Gravity Rush 2, leave the ground behind as you float your way through a crazy adventure. If you never played the first Gravity Rush, don’t worry! The game fills you in on what