Battle for the Sun – PC, iOS, Android

DO YOU recall Midway’s Area 51 series? Imagine that and you’re on the right path to wrapping your head around Appsolutely Studios’ debut. It can be tough for aspiring developers in the FPS scene, but Battle For The Sun has solid mechanics and AI behind its somewhat underwhelming graphical presentation. It recently passed through Greenlight, […]

Shadowrun: Hong Kong PC – ETA: 2016

THE RETURN of Shadowrun has been one of the biggest Kickstarter success stories, so it’s no surprise to see Harebrained Schemes backwith another instalment. This is an all-new, full-length standalone entry into the cyberpunk tactical RPG – this time taking place in amagically awakened Hong Kong in 2056. Thanks to its ludicrous over-funding, there’s even […]