Bomber Crew – Trainer Download and Review

Rating: 65/100 Review: As much as I’d love to recommend this game, I can’t. Bomber crew is a great concept, but it’s a game that is difficult for the sake of being difficult, not for the sake of being fun. The game provides you with two “easy” missions that you

Polaris Sector – System Requirements & Screenshots

Screenshots & Specs Reviews Need to Know Videos Rating: 80/100 GameInfo: The ancients who named this sector ‘Polaris’ sure had a unique sense of humor. Polaris – the bright star, the star of hope and faith. Well the Polaris sector has precious little of either; just a wilderness of gas,

Objects in Space – PC

The only game I wasn’t able to play at home, after PAX, was Objects in Space. It is both the quintessential, “game for a convention,” and, ironically, something you need to sink hours into in a solitary space. Why? Well. For starters, to fire a missile, I literally had to

Elysium: Blood Games PC Reviews and more

Reviews Screenshots & Specs Related Trailer  Rating: 30/100 Rating: 30/100                            +Interesting stat system and short or long game modes with a small game package allows for quick rounds +Stat progression and arena progression always plusses in management games +Who doesn’t enjoy gambling and winning? -Archaic, invisible, and head-scratching paper-rock-scissors outcomes

Scourge of War: Waterloo – PC Reviews & Gameplay Images

Reviews & Images Screenshots & Specs Similar Games Trailer Rating: 80/100 Rating: 75/100                                       This game is not like Napoleon Total War especially concerning graphics. But it is a much deeper wargaming experience in its detail, scale and historical simulation. I enliken Scourge of War Waterloo with NTW in the same

Prison Architect PC Review and System Specs

Review and Specs Screenshots Similar Games Videos Now that the final version has been released, I can say for sure that this game is excellent and worth anybody’s time who enjoys simulation and management games. Yes, there is some micro, but as you get better and start to understand how

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime – PC Review

Review Screenshots Specs GameInfo Trailer This game lives up to expectations, one of the most fun, unique, challenging games i have played in a while. You really need to have team work in planning who does what, when to switch, where to go in the map. -the game is broken