I Spy Fantasy Synopsis and Features

I Spy Fantasy is a science fiction-themed version of the popular seek-and-find games. Designed to help kids aged six to ten develop skills like problem solving, vocabulary, and visual memory, I Spy Fantasy features nine adventures dealing with dragons, wizards, aliens, and sea creatures. The game includes 54 riddles, 30 locations, scavenger hunts, and special […]

Dexter’s Laboratory: Chess Challenge Synopsis

The Cartoon Network’s favorite boy genius matches wits with sister Dee Dee, rival Mandark, or even superhero Major Glory in this chess game from bam! Entertainment. Following the rules of the classic strategy game, play is presented in a Dexter’s Lab theme and features special character animations for winning moves. Dexter’s Laboratory: Chess Challenge offers […]

High Rollerz Review

High Rollerz can’t compete with major casino collections, such as those produced by Hoyle or even Avery Cardoza, but it doesn’t need to since the five fairly common games offered are presented in a charming and engaging manner. The collection proves that games don’t need an excess of features or overdone animations to be enjoyable. […]

Monopoly Casino Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Gamers who love the high stakes thrills of both Monopoly and Las Vegas casinos will want to check out Hasbro Interactive’s Monopoly Casino. With Mr. Monopoly as your guide and card dealer, try your hand at one of 19 different Monopoly Slots games, 12 poker games, 5 blackjack variations, 2 roulette games, 4 money wheel […]

Solitaire Overview (2000 PC Game)

Developed by prolific single-player card game producer Goodsol, this value-minded title offers 300 variations of different solitaire games. Included are full-featured versions of the classic Klondike and Free Cell, as well as Cat’s Cradle, Four Leaf Clover, and Spider’s Web. Like all eGames titles, this release is designed for players of all ages and carries […]

Caesar’s Palace 2000

Caesars Palace 2000 is a gambling simulation video game developed by Runecraft and published by Interplay Entertainment. It was released in North America and Europe in June 2000 for the PlayStation, Dreamcast and Microsoft Windows’ PCs. It is named after the famous Caesars Palace luxury hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip in Las […]

Pokémon Pinball Review

It’s been said that Japanese culture is the “Beta version” of American culture and I’m rarely surprised when any Asian fad manages to find its way across the Pacific. However, the whole Pokémon thing has gotten way out of hand, in my humble opinion. I just don’t get it — little kids raising freakish monsters, […]

Avery Cardoza’s 100 Slots 2000 Review

Very similar in structure to other Cardoza Entertainment specialty games, Avery Cardoza’s 100 Slots 2000 immediately puts you in the action. Creating the persona of your choice, you can freely roam Cardoza Entertainment’s virtual casino. You determine the size of your bankroll (if only that’s how it was in real life!), your weekly pay, and […]

All-in-One Casino Games PC Review

All-in-One Casino Games is a poor effort from beginning to end, starting with the game’s welcome screen — a picture of the box. The music accompanying the main menu is terrible, even by casino standards, and there’s a 1-second gap after the end of one music loop and the beginning of the next. The game […]