Freedom Wars Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Freedom Wars is set in a future where pollution has ravaged the planet, resources are scarce, and most people are serving ludicrously long sentences in prisons called Panopticons. Gamers take on the role of a prisoner named Sinner who must head into the outside world to rescue citizens and battle giant monsters known as Abductors in order to peel time off a million-year sentence. Players can customize Sinner and their government-assigned minder Accessory, and then head into battle wielding, guns, melee weapons, and the special grapple-like Thorn to climb up or drag down Abductors.

As gamers battle through the 3D environments of their eight-level Panopticon they will gain experience, acquire new weapons and augmentations, and steadily remove years from their prison sentence. Players can also donate acquired weapons to earn even more experience, or purchase Entitlements that increase their rights, such as the right to leave their jail cell or the right to interact with citizens. Solo gamers can take on the Abductors with the help of AI bots, or they can join up to three friends for local or online multiplayer action.

Rating: 75/100

Battle monsters and save citizens to slowly remove time from a million-year prison sentence
Use a powerful grappling hook and wield a variety of guns and melee weapons
Join friends for local or online multiplayer action