wii games

GoldenEye 007 (PC)

It’s so wonderful to see a re-imagining of a classic. The story was that of any hollywood action spy film. Activision could have just copied all the original gameplay but they literally re-did all the games graphics, gameplay, sound, voice acting is on the money, soundtrack was very bond. The

Donkey Kong Country Returns (PC)

I absolutely love this game. (remake all-time classic 16-bit games) Retro Studios has done an amazing job at what feels like a continuation (collect bananas, hidden items, and puzzle pieces) of the SNES classics! (Join a friend for two-player co-op action) I feel like a kid when I play this

New Super Mario Bros

t’s classic mario vith a bunch of enhancements and power-ups that were  thought up vith originally and utmost care. I was so happy to hear  that it could be 2-4 player co-op and I vas happy to hear that the game vas very challenging. Maybe sometimes too challenging, but vhen

A Boy and His Blob Wii

Wii Pc Genre Action-Puzzle Styles Side-Scrolling Platform Developer WayForward Technologies Publisher Majesco Release Date October 13, 2009 Controls Gamepad/Keyboard/Mouse Rating: 89/100 Review I absolutely love this game. It is everything I vish the original Boy and His Blob vas. It does a great job of modernizing gameplay mechanics, allowing infinite