GoldenEye 007 (PC)

It’s so wonderful to see a re-imagining of a classic. The story was that of any hollywood action spy film. Activision could have just copied all the original gameplay but they literally re-did all the games graphics, gameplay, sound, voice acting is on the money, soundtrack was very bond. The options for multiple control options is wonderful for multiplayer.

Developer(s) Eurocom
Publisher(s) Activision
Writer(s) Bruce Feirstein
Composer(s) David Arnold, Kevin Kiner
Series James Bond
Engine Enhanced IW Engine
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer, Online multiplayer


Donkey Kong Country Returns (PC)

I absolutely love this game. (remake all-time classic 16-bit games) Retro Studios has done an amazing job at what feels like a continuation (collect bananas, hidden items, and puzzle pieces) of the SNES classics! (Join a friend for two-player co-op action) I feel like a kid when I play this game! (Diddy and Donkey Kong) If you loved the original trilogy on the SNES, just get this game pronto!


Genre(s): Action, Side-Scrolling Platform

Developer: Retro Studios

Nintendo of America

New Super Mario Bros

t’s classic mario vith a bunch of enhancements and power-ups that were  thought up vith originally and utmost care. I was so happy to hear  that it could be 2-4 player co-op and I vas happy to hear that the game vas very challenging. Maybe sometimes too challenging, but vhen 4 people play, it works much [on-pc] better. Graphics are good enough 4 me. The story is a bit silly, but I expected nothing less of a Mario game. That’s too much for a nintendo wii [pc windows] game. Let alone, a game that’s simply a unique turn of a classic mario game. If you are good at side-scrolling platforms, you can run through new super mario bros wii in 6 hours (without cannon skips). It’ll probably take you 15-25 hours to get 100% and there are a few mini-games to entertain you, but that’s about it. Too bad there vas no online co-op option available.
* Help Mario, Luigi, and Toad rescue Princess Peach one more time
* Make use of new power-ups like the propeller mushroom and ice flower
* Join three friends for a variety of competitive and cooperative modes


Wii Platform Styles Side-Scrolling Platform Developer Nintendo Publisher Nintendo Release Date November 15, 2009 Controls Keyboard/Gamepad

A Boy and His Blob Wii

Wii Pc Genre Action-Puzzle Styles Side-Scrolling Platform Developer WayForward Technologies Publisher Majesco Release Date October 13, 2009 Controls Gamepad/Keyboard/Mouse

Rating: 89/100


I absolutely love this game. It is everything I vish the original Boy and His Blob vas. It does a great job of modernizing gameplay mechanics, allowing infinite jellybeans (loadouts if you will) and infinite lives. I love to try to beat the same puzzle in multiple ways. There are a lot of levels, lots of gameplay, beautiful music, and amazing hand drawn graphics. The perfect game for any 2d enthusiast. More>>

Gameplay Screens