Super Smash Bros. for Wii U [Bundle] Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Nintendo’s hugely popular fighting series returns with a host of new characters, stages, and customization options in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. As always, players take control of heroes and villains from across the gaming universe as they smash, brawl, and launch one another around stages based on iconic locations from other games. The cast of characters includes series mainstays Mario, Kirby, and Pikachu, as well as newcomers like Mega Man, Sonic, and the Wii Fit Trainer, and gamers can use Pok√© Balls, Assist Trophies, and special items to help them in battle.

In the Classic mode, solo gamers take control of characters and guide them along a variety of paths on an overworld map, and engage in one-on-one battles, team battles with the CPU filling out both sides, and matches where players must defeat waves of foes, or take down a whole team.
Gamers can earn gold, trophies, and custom parts by winning matches, and they can use gold to up the intensity level before future matches and earn larger rewards. Players can also take on three Wii U-exclusive modes, with Smash Tour acting as a team-building board game for up to four, Special Orders finding gamers completing a series of themed challenges, and Event mode extending those challenges to two players.

Multiplayer action remains a huge part of the Super Smash Bros. experience, with up to four random players competing online in the For Fun and For Glory modes, and up to eight players competing in local brawls. For Fun matches include all items and take place on randomly selected stages, while the For Glory mode takes place only on flat Final Destination stages, with no items appearing. Wii U gamers can also customize their rules as they battle in the Special Smash mode, unlock and customize the in-game soundtrack, and use amiibo character figurines to add figure players to their fights.

This bundle includes the full version of the game as well as a Super Smash Bros. GameCube controller, and a GameCube controller adaptor for the Wii U.

Rating: 86/100

Take control of more than 30 classic video game characters and smash opponents around dozens of stages
Go on a single-player adventure full of battles, or take on three Wii U-exclusive modes
Multiplayer action for up to four online and eight local gamers
Includes a GameCube controller and adaptor for the Wii U