Amped 3 – Xbox 360 Review

Amped 3 is the first snowboarding game to come out for the XBox 360. You get to fly through the snowy slopes in full wide screen high definition.

First, it’s important to fully accept that this game is made very tongue in cheek. You get cut scenes with drawings almost exactly like Trogdor, you have sequences of 60s-style circles with good/evil George Harrisons urging you on. You get modern alt music mixed in with Blinded By the Light. Sometimes there are Wonder Woman style flashing lights. “The Dueling Serpents of Fangar!”

A lot of the references might go right by people who aren’t both classic TV watchers and new website visitors. It’s amazing how many subtle funny things are built into the dialogues and cut scenes.

But back to the game. You customize your character – male or female – with the typical array of skin color, body build, hair, facial hair, hat, clothing, board and so on. You have a GIANT mountain to explore that you can explore, do challenges on, follow the storyline on, and just have fun. If you get tired of tracking down cool places to board, you can always snowmobile all over to find a new hidden spot.

Like any game, the key here is to master the controls. Once you get the hang of the different moves, you’ll be carving, spinning and sliding whereever you want to go. Dodge in the trees. Launch out over the rocks. The mountain is fully rendered and waits for you. The game is pretty forgiving for beginners, so they don’t get frustrated, but also provides enough challenges that skilled boarders will find their ways to have fun.

The graphics in widescren high def are a mixed bag. On one hand, I love the groomed rippled snow and the trails you leave in it. It made me want to put aside the controller and drive up to the ski lifts. The funky stars and circles and other indicators are all true to style. The clouds and sunsets in the background are photo-realistic and lovely. However, the character models are a little plastic looking. Comapred to other games we’re playing right now, they weren’t up to standards.

It’s important to note that the game is about fun – not about training you to be a professional snowboarder. If you slam into a tree, you don’t get hauled off to the emergency room. You just bounce off and keep going. If you take a nose dive you just roll and get back up again. I don’t really consider this a bad thing in a video game.

Well recommended for snow bunnies everywhere! 80/100

Perfect Dark Zero Review

The single player and co-op campaigns are great and fun but when it comes to its multi-player it is not so great the first Perfect Dark on N64 had a great multi-player mode with its weaponry and versatility up to about 8 simbots with its wacky weaponry playing on the grid with N-Bombs was a blast. How ever Perfect Dark Zero failed to bring that great quality to the 360. Graphics and sounds are amazing but that doesn’t make up for the lack of creativity on its multi-player.

NHL 2K6 Xbox360 Review

This Game is Awesome. It is smooth and very addicting, and unlike most of the new 360 sport games, this game does not lose any features and adds new ones. Online play is smooth and has interesting online modes such as an online season. The one flaw of this game is that there is a few glitches during gameplay that do happen often ex: Players stuck, Ref Drops puck in wrong place and a yellow/black patern that appears in the stands sometimes.

Response to other posts:

You say their skating like their on sandpaper well you can always just turn up the gameplay speen, there’s a thought!!!

Saving isnt hard you just have to go to options when you save it and load it. Not that hard. 80/100

NBA 2K6 Xbox360 Review

This is the most realistic basketball game i have ever seen! No other one even comes close! The graphics are awesome! The gameplay is smooth and has the feel of a real nba game! Player models look great(tell me that dosen’t look just like Shaq O’neal)! But one of the coolest features to me is the create a player mode where you can create a player and use names already set in the game and here the annoucers actually call that name during a great play like a break away dunk! I have created a full squad of my buddies and we really go at it! I could play it 24/7! Sorry EA, nba live dosen’t even hold a candle to 2k, and anyone that thinks it does just doesn’t know about video games very well or is just plain nuts! I played nba live and there is no comparison to 2k! Can’t wait for Nba 2k7!

Smash T.V. Xbox360 Review

Really addictive, it doesn’t get old very easily. I beat the game without once stopping just because I never got bored. It’s even better if you play it online or invite somone over to play it. The only complaint is how much the “continues” divide your Live score, especially when you won’t get very far without respawning unless you’re a hardened veteran at the game. That, and the final achievement, “Game Master” is slightly ridiculous, and perhaps impossible: Beat the entire game without using a “continue.” Other than that, this game is easily worth 400 Microsoft Points, and has a good replay value. 80/100

NBA Live 06 Xbox360 Review

Well, I was looking for the best NBA game to play on my new Xbox 360 and I must say this one doesn’t cut it. It’s gameplay is sluggish and there is too much missing..

1.No Franchise mode???

How can you not have a franchise mode in today’s basketball games? It’s a strong building block for any basketball or football game now really.

2.No Dunk, 3pt, or any kind of special mode??

This isn’t 1993 guys. This is 2006!

3.The game just feels robotic

The players, the court, the fans… It all has a robotic feel. I never once was fooled that an NBA game would be like this. I was playing as the Suns, and it’s amazing how unfluid the game feels… I think part of the problem is that it wants to be half

sim and half arcade… The action is slowed down, but you’re still able get a shot basically anytime you want with ease.

4.The players appear to skate around alittle bit. The NBA had this problem with games back in the NBA Shootout days. In fact, this NBA Live reminds me more of that 3rd party series than a game that EA sports should be producing.

5.The camera angles. I actually like to play from the side view, but the camera just can’t keep up with the action and so you sometimes run out of bounds or get the ball stolen because you can’t see were you are.

I give it 2 1/2 stars overall. The graphics are pretty good.. And

the broadcasters are good. The problem is the game falls apart once the game starts and with the lack of features.

EA said they’re building from the ground up? Well, why did they charge people 60 bucks for a freakin demo game basically

Hexic HD Xbox 360 Review

Its a good thing this game is free, cause it really isn’t worth paying for. Its a decent puzzle game in short bursts, but the games can last for quite a while and get boring fairly quickly. And it doesn’t help that the games music is completely forgettable. Overall its worth trying, but don’t expect it to keep you coming back for very long.