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Amped 3 – Xbox 360 Review

Amped 3 is the first snowboarding game to come out for the XBox 360. You get to fly through the snowy slopes in full wide screen high definition. First, it’s important to fully accept that this game is made very tongue in cheek. You get cut scenes with drawings almost

Gaunlet (xbox360) Review

I used to love this game at the arcade when I was a kid, now not so much. It’s great fun on LIve, but unless the others are die hard fans, it can be annoying to play with others.

Call of Duty 2 – Xbox 360 Review

An “oldies-but-goodies” that’s still a goody. Old game that still has good game play. Me being a new Xbox 360 player is catching up with the old games. This one was worth me buying it. Don’t regret the buy.

Perfect Dark Zero Review

The single player and co-op campaigns are great and fun but when it comes to its multi-player it is not so great the first Perfect Dark on N64 had a great multi-player mode with its weaponry and versatility up to about 8 simbots with its wacky weaponry playing on the

NHL 2K6 Xbox360 Review

This Game is Awesome. It is smooth and very addicting, and unlike most of the new 360 sport games, this game does not lose any features and adds new ones. Online play is smooth and has interesting online modes such as an online season. The one flaw of this game

NBA 2K6 Xbox360 Review

This is the most realistic basketball game i have ever seen! No other one even comes close! The graphics are awesome! The gameplay is smooth and has the feel of a real nba game! Player models look great(tell me that dosen’t look just like Shaq O’neal)! But one of the

Smash T.V. Xbox360 Review

Really addictive, it doesn’t get old very easily. I beat the game without once stopping just because I never got bored. It’s even better if you play it online or invite somone over to play it. The only complaint is how much the “continues” divide your Live score, especially when

NBA Live 06 Xbox360 Review

Well, I was looking for the best NBA game to play on my new Xbox 360 and I must say this one doesn’t cut it. It’s gameplay is sluggish and there is too much missing.. 1.No Franchise mode??? How can you not have a franchise mode in today’s basketball games?

Hexic HD Xbox 360 Review

Its a good thing this game is free, cause it really isn’t worth paying for. Its a decent puzzle game in short bursts, but the games can last for quite a while and get boring fairly quickly. And it doesn’t help that the games music is completely forgettable. Overall its

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 Xbox360 Review

This Game is great, when i got my XBOX 360 i frowned upon it, i know alot of people think golf is boring or akward, but once i started getting good, i spent litteraly 3 hours a day playing it. Pro’s Put’s in every aspect of golf, such as wind,

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved Xbox360 Review

This 360 game falls more along the lines of the old-school Astroids games. Its very addicting and with the add-on of rankings throughout LIVE and your friends, you’ll be playing for a long time. There are also 6 modes which all feel like different games so there is added value