Fantasia: Music Evolved Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Inspired by the classic Disney animated film, Fantasia: Music Evolved lets gamers use rhythm and gestures to bring life to more than 30 pop music hits and classical classics. Serving as the new apprentice to the sorcerer Yen Sid, players use Kinect-based motion controls to conduct the music, earning points for staying in rhythm, and unlocking the ability to apply three different musical styles to each piece. The game supports two players and includes songs from artists like Queen, Lorde, and Bruno Mars, as well as classical pieces from Mozart, Vivaldi, and Bach.

Rating: 76/100

Sway and gesture to earn points and conduct more than 30 pop hits and classical pieces
Unlock three musical overlays to remix each music selection
Join a friend for co-op conducting

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Overview (Synopsis and Features)

Hideo Kojima’s iconic stealth series returns to offer more complex, theatrical plotting and a new focus on open-world exploration and elective missions in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Set shortly after the events of Peace Walker, and serving as a prologue to The Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes finds the renowned soldier Big Boss (aka Snake) attempting to infiltrate a secret U.S. military facility in Cuba to capture the female spy Paz, and rescue one of his army volunteers named Chico. Meanwhile, Snake’s military base is preparing for a nuclear inspection.

Ground Zeroes is rooted in the franchise’s stealth-action gameplay, with players encouraged to avoid conflict when possible, but perfectly capable of engaging in lethal combat in order to achieve their objectives. However, Ground Zeroes also represents a departure from traditional Metal Gear games by setting its action in an open-world environment. Snake can commandeer vehicles, pick up enemy weapons, and use his iDroid gadget to obtain mission intelligence, view a map, and call in a helicopter for extractions.

Xbox 360 gamers also get the added “Jamais Vu” mission, which features the cyborg Raiden battling bioroids from Kojima’s cyberpunk adventure game Snatcher. A hard drive in required in order to play the game.

Rating: 70/100


Take control of Big Boss and infiltrate a secret U.S. Military base in Cuba
Freely explore an open world and take on missions in any order
Travel in vehicles like trucks, motorcycles, and helicopters
Includes a special Raiden mission based on the game Snatcher