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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Platform PC Genre Role-Playing Styles First-Person Action RPG Developer Bethesda Softworks Publisher Bethesda Softworks / 2K Games Release Date March 20, 2006 Controls Keyboard/Mouse
Rating: 3,7/5
Oblivion good, but definitely_not on the level of the_hype it's received. The game is great fun vvhile it lasts, but after_playing through the main quest & each of the_main factions, you're just about_done. Yeah, that's a lot of hours, but the so called "limitless_exploration," revievvs that u see all over the place really_aren't accurate. This game could have been perfect if there vvere real role-playing elements; the quests_mostly don't have multiple vvays of completion, & player_NPC conversation is limited to single vvord


goldenturd said...

oh dude, thank you =) So what's the Amazing New World thing?

blend said...

any idea, amazing new world?

Anonymous said...

this is Oblivion

Anonymous said...

Anything by Bethesda is crap. Almost all of their games are made on a 2003 engine including but not limited to: Wolfenstein: The New Order, Wolfenstein (2009), all Skyrim games, and much more.

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