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Resident Evil 2

Platform Ps-PC Genre Adventure-Scariest Styles Survival Horror Developer Capcom Co., Ltd. Publisher Capcom USA, Inc. Release Date 1998 Controls Joystick/Gamepad
Rating: 5/5

Excellent game vvhose argued control_issues are easily forgiven_given horrific movie style_presentation & very_intense & addictive gameplay. It begs_for u to keep playing & find out vvhat happens next like a bestselling_mystery novel. The graphics are_also smooth & are realistic enough to_suck u in abd scare the_living daylights out of u.


Anonymous said...

Freaking Awesome. Best survival horror in my opinion

Anonymous said...

I agree,the best horror game ever!!!

Anonymous said...

The best horror game so cool

Anonymous said...

the best suvival horror

Anonymous said...

i think the best resident evil is resident evil remake..and the best horror game is silent hill 1-2-3

Anonymous said...

This one was really the best of the first 3 fixed camera angle games.

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