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Apr 12, 2006

The Settlers: Heritage of Kings

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Blue Byte
Platform: PC · Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Release Date:· Origin:
02/24/05 Europe

Game Description: Fifth installment in the Settlers series. The focus of the game remains the same in many ways, but this time, players will find a new main character named Dario waiting for their control. He seems to have lost his kingdom and is trying to get it back. The first mission will find him with a stronghold and a few loyal serfs. After telling them to do some work and get some infrastructure going, artisans will move into the settlement looking for good work. Of course, if you want to keep these skilled workers in your town, you'll have to keep them happy with food and home. And so begins the balance of resources vs. growth. And on top of all of that, you're going to have to worry about the military doing its thing as well. Instead of training units, you train leaders who will then recruit men from the military buildings. These men can then be trained in turn to higher levels or gain experience from battle. enemy tribes.

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Worth Playing 06/19/2005 6.5 /10 6.5

Computer Games Online [RO] 05/10/2005 63 /100 6.3

G4 / Tech TV 04/21/2005 2 /5 4.0

PC Magazine 04/20/2005 2.5 /5 5.0

PTgamers [Portuguese] 04/14/2005 12 /20 6.0

PC Gamer 04/10/2005 52 /100 5.2

WHAM! Gaming 04/07/2005 6.1 /10 6.1 04/05/2005 6.5 /10 6.5

GameAxis 04/01/2005 5 /10 5.0

GameZone Online 03/14/2005 6.5 /10 6.5

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