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Apr 13, 2006

Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Action-Adventure Developer Core Design Ltd. Publisher Eidos Interactive Release Date 1998 Controls Joystick/Gamepad, Keyboard
Rating: 5/5

Lara Croft makes_her return_appearance in Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft, an adventure game set in 5 of the most_treacherous locations on_the face of_the Earth. The locations_include India, London, Nevada, the South Pacific & Antarctica, each_of vvhich is broken_into a total of 19 massive levels to_explore.

Tomb Raider Series
Tomb Raider Underworld----Tomb Raider Anniversary----Tomb Raider Legend---- Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness ---- ---- Tomb Raider 5: Chrononicles ---- ---- Tomb Raider 2


shifu said...

how to install it?!

Carl Johnson said...

woop - woop - thanks dude !!

Carl Johnson said...

Anonymous um... what am i supposed to do with that odd file ? It says somethin about Iphone compatible ! Ive put it in the dir of TR III --- nothing. Can you help me with this plz ?


Anonymous said...

works fine for me, use WinXP

Carl Johnson said...

Its OK - im already using XP - but thats OK. Ive gotten a little fed up af trying to get this - this is the 5th different time (and site) ive tried - its the same every time - i get that daft lookin file that hints at being a I-phone game.

Thanks anyway.

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