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Jul 5, 2006

Guild Wars

Games for Windows Genre Role-Playing Styles Third-Person 3D ONLINE RPG Developer ArenaNet Publisher NCsoft Release Date 2005 Controls Keyboard /Mouse
Rating: 4/5
Well, it's easily as g00d as the maj0rity 0f MM0's s0 far. The graphics are striking, the game has n0 m0nthly fees, the_interface is incredibly simple & intuitiwe and my character l00ks like the guy fr0m Princess Bride, s0 I'm happy! I've been_playing 4 a c0uple 0f h0urs and am n0t hardc0re by any stretch, s0 I'm unsure ab0ut h0vv l0ng pe0ple vvould play it 4, c0mpared t0 a game like WoW. But if you're after an MM0, can't (0r d0n't vvant t0) aff0rd a tenner a m0nth & have the 17-0dd quid that y0u can pick it up 4 at the cheaper vvebsites, u can't g0 far vvrong. It's certainly g0ing t0 hawe m0re life that 0ur usual RPG and if all else_fails, get every0ne dancing! Best dancing animati0ns ewer!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... You can download Guildwars free from there websites... But the Cd key is your account... its like World of warcraft.. once registered you have a personal username and password... same with this... but you have use your Email and password to log on to play the game... But I will say this, I have a guildwars account and its the best

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