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Jul 5, 2006

Kingdom Hearts II


Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Platform: PlayStation 2 ·
Third-Person Action RPG

Release Date: 03/28/06 ·

review:. The unlikely but successful collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Interactive returns in Kingdom Hearts II; where a darkly-cloaked Mickey Mouse joins Donald, Goofy, and Sora as they continue their adventure into several popular Disney-inspired worlds. Battling against the Heartless once more, the dedicated group of friends now find themselves up against an all-new enemy threat -- a mummy-wrapped ruler of unknown origin. Also fresh to the series is a brand new meter known as the "Transformation Drive" that allows players to merge with other team members to create more powerful versions of themselves. New costume designs, improved camera controls, and the answer to lingering plot questions from the first game are also included. Developed exclusively for the PlayStation 2.

Original Rating - the rating the source gave this game as originally published on their site and/or publication. Adjusted Rating - the rating the source gave this game, adjusted for the GameStats rating scale. (0.0 to 10.0).

Christ Centered Game Reviews 04/25/2006 87 /100 8.7

GamersMark 04/21/2006 9.1 /10 9.1

GamingTarget 04/07/2006 9.5 /10 9.5

GameTrailers 04/04/2006 8.4 /10 8.4

Yahoo! Video Games 03/30/2006 4 /5 8.0 03/28/2006 4.5 /5 9.0 03/28/2006 7.6 /10 7.6

GameSpot 03/28/2006 8.7 /10 8.7

GameZone Online 03/28/2006 9.4 /10 9.4

Gaming Age 03/28/2006 A /A 9.5

Average Press Score:

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