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Oct 30, 2006

Jak 3 PC

Playable on Pc

Jak 3 is the perfect "platformer" if it can_be defined as just a platformer as_this game has got everything including the kitchen_sink. In Jak 3 you race, shoot and platform your vvay through around 20 hours of gaming_bliss all the vvhile playing some of the best Mini games ewer that actually feel like they are part of the game and n0t just "tacked on time wasters". Jak 3 fixes_everything that as vvrong with the overrated Jak 2 and refines the platforming_elements that made the original a hit vvith fans.


Jak and Daxter's third adventure in the epic saga
Explore the vast "Wastelands" by "borrowing" a variety of vehicles
Twelve powerful weapons include a Scatter Gun, Blaster, Vulcan Fury, and Peace Maker


Genre Action
Style 3D Platform
Themes Buddies Outlaw Hero
Release Date November 9, 2004
Developer Naughty Dog, Inc. Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
Controls Joystick/Gamepad


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