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Feb 18, 2006

Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood

Games for Windows Genre Shooter Styles First-Person ShooterDeveloper Gearbox Software Publisher Ubisoft Release Date October 4, 2005 Controls Keyboard /Mouse
Rating: 2,6/5
I played it 4r a day, I didnt find_it fun... & alth0ugh it seemed technically_interesting.

Feb 17, 2006

Empire Earth II: Art of Supremacy

The creators of the award-winning, best-selling Empire Earth II bring you this expansion pack. With graphical upgrades, new campaigns that span the ages, and more unique units & wonders. New Civilizations, Units & Wonders - Russians, French, plus the Masai & Zulu of the all-new African region. Three New Campaigns - From the Pharaohs to Napoleon, relive more of mankind's greatest moments. New Hero Units - Common units rise with experience to become powerful heroes. Custom Civilizations - Make custom civilizations to fit your personal play style. Persistent Units – Keep your units and the experience they earn in battle across multiple scenarios. [Vivendi Universal]

Genre(s): Real-Time Strategy

Feb 16, 2006

Chrome Specforce

Chrome SpecForce, are an elite strike force unit of the FEC (Federal Expeditionary Corps), created with one sole purpose, to rid the planetary system of global hazards and crisis situations that endanger the Federation’s stability, or directly violate federal order. This elite strike force must undertake top secret missions such as high profile target assassination, espionage, infiltration and sabotage of enemy territory. Armed with the most up to date combat equipment, the SpecForce field agents are equipped with SPA4 Power Armour, along with various weaponry depending on their mission objectives. [Deep Silver]
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter, Action

Shadow Grounds

Shadow Grounds is a fast-paced shooter played from a top-down perspective. Contemporary 3D graphics and competent lighting effects belie the simple, old school controls, for the impression of modernized Ikari Warriors-style gameplay. Many environmental objects are destructible, encouraging players to blast away at anything in their paths. Multiplayer options allow as many as four players to shoot their way through the same-screen levels. In a sci-fi storyline, players take charge of elite soldiers sent to the moon Ganymede, to liberate an alien-infested colony called New Atlantis. Weapons can be upgraded with equipment found along the way, and it will take a lot of firepower to eliminate the throngs of enemies and large-scale boss monsters that stand between the heroes and their ultimate goal.

Genre: Overhead Free-Roaming Shooter

Feb 15, 2006

Counter Strike Condition Zero

Still tied to its Half-Life parent, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is the most modified and enhanced version of the game engine yet, featuring more detailed player models, new skin and customization options, and atmospheric effects. Each map is available to many different play modes: players can complete missions with a friend in co-op mode, play on the Internet in multiplayer mode, or practice in skirmish mode.

C&C: Renegade

Players take on the role of Nick Parker, a.k.a. Havoc, an elite commando from the very first Command & Conquer title. The game features the ability to choose a first- or third-person view of the action. Players guide Havoc through the adventure using a combination of clever stealth and raw firepower. Recon bikes, tanks, and even aircraft become available along the way. Online players can work together to solve levels or go head-to head in deathmatch play.



* Choose from dozens of WWE stars; modify, or create your own
* Exhibition, Title Match, and King of the Ring modes
* View biographies of WWF wrestlers and get a complete list of unlocked weapons and belts in the virtual Museum
* Customize rules to personal preference (hardcore, normal, time limit, count out, pin, submit, rope break, and more)
* Seven types of exhibition matches, six title match choices, and five unique King of the Ring tournaments from which to c

Feb 14, 2006


If the racing mode was anything decent and not a stupid pile of gliches and cheap AI, the game might be decent. As it is the game is a big jumbled mess, the car upgrades do CRAP to the actual control and speed. The worst part is the actually redeamable part, the stunt mode. While the stunts are cool and fun to play, you have to play the retarded race mode to unlock the good stunts. The graphics are decent, the rag-doll physics rock, and the music is decent. But, in the end, none of these pluses equal out to the minuses of the game.

F1 Championship Season 2000

EA Sports is known for a constant pursuit of authenticity in their games and their Indy Car racing title F1 Championship Season 2000 is no exception. The game features real drivers in real cars, racing on real tracks. There is even an accurate racing schedule and commentary from real-life announcers in four different languages. The action in F1 Championship Season 2000 relies on a mix of "real" and "arcade" physics, with the intention of providing a realistic look and feel but assuring that the game is still fun to play. The game also features a split-screen mode that allows two players to race against one another at the same time.

Medal Of Honor Allied Assault


* Powered by the Quake III engine
* Sabotage the German war effort by destroying vital installations and manufacturing plants
* Authentically recreated vehicles and weapons
* Pre-scripted sequences recreate large-scale gun battles and skirmishes
* Take control of vehicles and stationary gun emplacements

Warcraft 3 & Frozen Throne

Big names and big games. VVhen The Reign of Chaos came_out it was sure_to be a hit. Unless Blizzard made_Dragon's Lair 3 and urged_players to follovv crazy flashing indicators, it being bad vvasn't even a consideration. And apparently it's still_not a consideration.

Dawn Of War - Winter Assault

Winter Assault is an expansion pack for the sci-fi, real-time strategy game Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War. Now there are five races to choose from, and each one provides an expanded set of units, including melee troops, ranged attackers, tanks, and combat walkers. You can play
as either a good character or an evil one in the single-player campaign or against other gamers online in multiplayer mode.

Feb 13, 2006

Unreal Tournament

Games for Windows Genre Shooter Styles First-Person ShooterDeveloper Epic Mega Games Publisher GT Interactive Release Date 1999 Controls Keyboard /Mouse
Rating: 4,5/5
Classic game, I like_the guns & the_maps. The graphic 0f the game l00ks nice. The bl00d & the guts l00ks really relistic.

Gt Legends

GT Legends is designed to deliver a believably detailed driving simulation, with a sophisticated, encompassing physics model and contemporarily impressive graphics. Like the development team, most of the game's tracks are set in Europe, but the selection of available 1960s and '70s autos comprises an international selection of manufacturers, and includes Cobras, 'Vettes, Mini-Coopers, Porsche 911s, and Ferraris 275s. Five levels of difficulty allow beginners to ease their way up to the demandingly "ultra realistic" simulation settings, and available modes of play allow for quick races, career building, and online multiplayer competition for as many as 16 virtual drivers.

Peter Jackson's: King Kong Review

A very original experience which was refreshing in this age of WWII and other common themes of FPS especially. The graphics are beautiful, the creatures imaginative, the action heart pounding and the variety is engaging. There was a lot of opportunity to play Kong sprinkled through the game so I'm not sure what others are saying. It was linear, but it did what it was intended to do. It wasn't supposed to be a game where the environment was wide open. It is a game where you are placed on a path leading to successive missions/situations/confrontations which lead to an end. During that time, the experience is very fun while you fight giant millipedes, dinosaurs and other savage creatures which act and look simply amazing. It also balanced nicely with opportunities to fight as Kong. This game is much like a great roller coaster. It stays on the track while giving you a crazy ride.
Score: 75/100

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

After successfully defeating the aliens in ancient Egypt, Sam "Serious" Stone shanghaied their spaceship and headed for their home planet. While our hero didn't quite make it that far -- instead crash-landing back to Earth, into a South American mountain range -- he did gain the attention of additional alien forces. Now he faces a new onslaught of baddies; wave after wave of evil enemies in need of fast, furious fragging.

Line Of Sight: Vietnam

Line of Sight: Vietnam puts players in the boots of a Green Beret sniper during the thick of the Vietnam War. Players will stealthily move through jungle terrain, identify targets, position themselves, and take out enemies. The ten available weapons include models that can be taken from enemy soldiers. Players must account for a variety of weather conditions, traps, and the dense jungle vegetation. Multiplayer options include cooperative games over a LAN or the Internet.

Syberia 2

Continuing the adventures of Kate Walker and Hans Voralberg, Syberia II offers players a refined graphic engine with added animation, more characters to interact with, and broader environments in which to explore. Further enhancing the atmosphere are cinematic camera angles and a dialog system that now changes according to which questions were previously asked of characters. The interface remains the same as the original game, with navigation accomplished using a point-and-click system with context sensitive areas that allow players to inspect items or points of interest more closely, initiate conversations, grab objects, and perform actions. The backgrounds once again consist of pre-rendered artwork designed by French artist BenoƮt Sokal, who also wrote the story. As the narrative unfolds, Kate Walker is now a companion to Hans Voralberg instead of an attorney looking to track him down. Kate's previous role in life is now of secondary importance as she begins a journey of epic proportions, one to find the fabled homeland of the living mammoths.

Feb 12, 2006

DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil

DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil continues the terrifying, intense action of DOOM 3, the fastest selling 1st person PC shooter ever, with an all new storyline featuring new
missions, characters and weapons, including the return of the id signature double-barreled shotgun.

Football Manager 2006

Genre Simulation, Syle Sports Management Sim, Release Date October 21, 2005, Developer
Sports Interactive Limited, Publisher, Sega of Europe

Playboy: The Mansion


* Play as Hugh Hefner while trying to build the Playboy Empire from the ground up
* Hire staff, throw parties, and more to obtain interviews or solicit photoshoots
* Choose magazine images and content to address the changing interests of consumers
* Make money to improve the mansion over time
* Interact with celebrities like Carmen Electra and Tom Arnold

The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is an epic, open-ended single-player game where you create and play any kind of character you can imagine. Your actions define your character, and your gameplay changes and evolves in response to your actions. Confront the assassins' guild, and they take out a contract on you.
Impress them, and they try to recruit you instead. No two sagas are the same in the world of Morrowind. The end result is one of the most open-ended RPG's possible - one with an infinite number of possible paths through the game.

Stronghold 2

This sequel to FireFly Studios defensively oriented real-time strategy sets players to work at building their fortified cities in a true 3D environment. As in the 2001 original and Crusader, its 2002 add-on, Stronghold 2 combines the city-management style simulation of SimCity or an Impressions game with the real-time battle of standards like Age of Empires or WarCraft. In addition to a "Path of War" campaign, which focuses on the siege warfare of the earlier games, Stronghold 2 also offers a "Path of Peace," full of more developmental, city-sim-style challenges. Along either path, players are rewarded for their successes with honor points, which function as cultural capital that allows the virtual ruler to hold the loyalty of his subjects and lead them to even greater achievements.
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