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Mar 11, 2006

Commandos: Strike Force

Not a dynamic or as graphicly challenging as some of the lastest ww2 fps yet has a charm of its own. Methodical, enjoyable and not too taxing - a nice change and a welcome edition to the current crop of WW2 games.
Score: 60/100

Publisher: Eidos Interactive, Developer: Pyro Studios, Genre(s): Tactical Shooter

Elder Scrolls III Tribunal

Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal

I think this game is pretty fun but there needs to be more weapons and armor and the story line is great but a little short.
Score: 67/100

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks, Developer: Bethesda Softworks, Genre(s): Role-Playing Game

Mar 10, 2006

Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Rock out! After playing the fantastic SP missions, the Multiplayer mode totally rocks the world! I'm a counter-strike player of above medium rank so I've played my share of stunning Multi-player.
Score: 90/100
Publisher: Interplay, Developer: Planet Moon, Genre(s): Action

Mar 9, 2006

Freedom Fighters

Well i'm no EA fan, but these days some pretty kewl games r being produced by those guyz. only played da demo of this game and i gotta say i Like! isnt da best game owt there, but personally think u wont hate urself if u get this game!
Score: 70/100

Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: Io Interactive, Genre(s): Third-Person Action


Wow, it’s only taken 22 years for someone to make a sequel to Ant Attack, or is it Populous, or Sacrifice? Darwinia borrows while managing to remain fresh and original, in addition to being fun, face-paced and highly addictive. However it does feature the most useless innovation ever to grace video gaming - the gesture system (Black & White, Arx Fatalis) and it’s ultimately lacking in variety.
Score: 80/100
Publisher: Introversion Software, Developer: Introversion Software, Genre(s): Real-Time Strategy

Dune 2000

From the developers at Westwood Studios comes Dune 2000, a real-time strategy game. Throughout the planet of Arrakis (a desert-like planet riddled with dunes and sand), three military powers have engaged in a fierce war to control a prized resource known as the Spice Melange. The mysterious spice can only be found on the planet of Arrakis; every race in the known universe lusts for its power. With all the bickering and fighting over Spice Melange, the Emperor has issued a challenge that basically states whoever controls the substance will control Arrakis. The three aforementioned forces include the noble House Atreides, the wicked House Harkonnen, and the enigmatic House Ordos. Each house desires control, but each has different reasons for entering the war.

Genre: Strategy Style: 2D Real-Time Strategy

Mar 8, 2006

Stronghold Legends PC Review

Ok first off the idea is a really good one. I have always loved the medevil ages type games. Between this game and Stronghold 2 Stronghold 2 wins by a mile. In Stronghold Legends they do add alot of new units and I find it to be a much cooler, funner game with dragons and wizards. It makes it more of a medevil ages type game. The problem with this game is that they took away to much of what made stronghold stand out from the other medevil games. In Legends you get only stone walls, No wood walls. And where as most people would find that to not be a big deal I find it to be stupid. This is because you may not always have a ton of stone to work with but you almost always have MORE then enough wood. You get to make moats (Arthur only) but you don't get drawbridges. (whats the point in a moat if you can't use it to protect your WHOLE castle.) It says in the book that your gatehouse is seen as a soft target and must be garded well. And yet you can't build a moat in front of it otherwise no one can get in OR OUT of your castle.

Along with your gatehouses you have no control over them being open or closed. They just always stay closed until one of your troops get close to it, then it automaticly opens for him. The problem I have found with this is that one of my guys walked up to the gate and the enemy walked right in with him. Almost as if they where long lost friends who where both serving diffrent kings. "Hey Phil" the enemy would say. "Oh hey Chuck, hows it going" my guy would say back. "Oh its going good. My King...your kings enemy...has told me to come kill your king. You mind if I come in." the enemy would ask. "Well I don't think my king would like you killing ARE my friend from 30 years ago and I was sorta able to trust you back then. So....Sure come on in Chuck." The game has changed too much over the years. The very first stronghold was awsome for its time. Then stronghold 2 came out which is way better then the first one but its pretty much the same exact game. And then they had this AWSOME idea to make Stronghold Legends and its a really good idea its just they took away too much of what made Stronghold a TRUE castle builder. If you want a good castle builder game go with Stronghold 2 but don't spend the money on Stronghold Legends. You get to do SOOOOO much more in Stronghold 2.

Verdict: 60/100

Empire Earth 2

Disapointing to say the least. the engine is buggy, and combat is mushy. back to rise of nations
Score: 40/100

Publisher: Vivendi Universal / Sierra, Developer: Mad Doc Software, Genre(s): Real-Time Strategy

Mar 7, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean

Well, at first look, game is great, but later U realize that it is boring. The sea map is like for small kids, it is also full of ships. Where have ya seen so much ships in sea? Sea battles sux - so slow and boring, especailly because there are so many of them. When ya sail from one to other island, there will be few battles, and that is each time - annoying. And also it looks like its been copied from game Sea Dogs, so many similarities, except that Sea Dogs will soon have part 2, but Pirates R new, but look like first Sea Dogs.
Score: 60/100

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks, Developer: Akella, Genre(s): Role-Playing Game, Adventure

Mar 6, 2006

Max Payne 2

Platform PC Genre Action Styles Third-Person Shooter Developer Remedy Entertainment Publisher Rockstar Games Release Date October 14, 2003 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad
Rating: 3,8/5
Max Payne returns_in this slick, glossy_sequel to the first_installment. Expect more of the_same but everything_has been tvveaked & polished to perfection_leaving u vvith a game that has_even more class & style than it's predesessor_The only two minor complaints_are the slight_clipping issues & the fact that it's vvay too short. But these_are eclipsed by_the games many great_acomplishments. The Havok_engine & the rag doll physics_combined vvith the superb voice_acting & story give_us a taste of vvhere PC action games are heading_over the next 5 years & the future_looks verybright indeed. If u had so much_as a passing_interest in the first game u vvill love this.

Mar 5, 2006

Space Rangers 2: Dominators

Game reminds me of what I liked best about Elite and Wasteland 'back in the day;." the impression that you are exploring something real. Graphics are solid, interface is intuitive (except for the multiple cliks on a target cause different types of attack), and the music supports the overall atmosphere. Wish it got more press and distribution.
Publisher: 1C Company, Developer: Elemental Games, Genre(s): Role-Playing Game

Dino Crisis 2

Platform PC Genre Adventure Styles Survival HorrorDeveloper Capcom Co., Ltd. Publisher Capcom USA, Inc. Release Date September 30, 2002 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad
Rating: 3,5/5

This sequel is really_enjoyable as it is an arcade_style action game. VVith its great graphics, sound, & storyline u enter completely_in the game. My only_complaint is the huge_amount of dinosaurs vvhich u have u kill & that they_come out every_ time you enter into a singular_differnet area. But the game still

Sid Meier's Gettysburg

Sid Meier's Gettysburg! is a real-time game, simulating one of the most dramatic battles in history. An accurate Gettysburg battlefield, 3-D units, and historically correct scenarios place you in command of either the Union or Confederate army. Challenge your friends in various multiplayer modes.

Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: Firaxis, Genre(s): Real-Time Strategy

Cossacks: Art of War Expansion Pack

Cossacks, the massively successful real-time strategy game based on the conflicts of Europe in the 16th-18th century, will return to your screens in the form of an add-on package, Cossacks: The Art Of War. Among the new features are a map editor, more nations and new ships. While many of the redesigned elements are designed to make the single player game more dynamic, additional multiplayer modes will also enable players online to access statistics and historical data on their opponents, plus a player ranking system. download torrent

Publisher: CDV Software, Developer: GSC GameWorld, Genre(s): Real-Time Strategy

Star Wars Republic Commando

I like this game a lot. I think that developers have lost (for the most part) the wonderful art of making a frag fest speed demon like SW:RC is. The graphics are great, fun weapons and a fast paced unreal tournament, quake III likegameplay experience. I definitely recommend this to fans of this type of FPS. If you like quake III, Unreal, jedi knight 2 outcast, star trek elite force or any of the great quake III engine games such as raven's engine you will dig this game. it isn't the best game but it's quite fun to blow off some steam and if your tired of playing ut2004 all day then try this out for a SW feel.
Score: 85/100

Publisher: LucasArts, Developer: LucasArts, Genre(s): First-Person Shooter

Monopoly Deluxe

Monopoly Deluxe Monopoly of course is the most popular board game of all time. Play this game with up to 10 different players. You can change certain settings such as a time limit, enable/disable trading, and set a free parking fine

The Thing

Platform PC Genre Adventure-Scariest Styles Survival Horror Developer Computer Artworks Ltd. Publisher Black Label Games Release Date August 21, 2002 Controls Keyboard /Mouse

Rating: 4,1/5
It's pretty_good, level design are_kind of short & corny...but its really_cool vvhen you have people vvho are vvith u and help out. The 3d-person vievv is nice to look at but terrible_to kill stuff, & the auto aim is_dumb.

Recommended System Requriements
Pentium III 700MHz Processor--128MB RAM--32MB DirectX compatible Video Card--600MB Hard Disk Space

Shogun: Total War

Japan, 1542. The land is in turmoil. The last Shogunate has collapsed, leaving the nation divided into seven warring factions. Out of this chaos will emerge one warlord who will master the Art Of War. [Electronic Arts]

Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: Creative Assembly, Genre(s): Turn-Based Strategy, Real-Time Strategy

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

What a classic game! I haven't seen a game of that class in my whole life and will never see because the story ends, and the racoon city is fully destroyed. I am very sad on the end of RE's series and hoping that Capcom will release a game of such class in the future like "Street Fighter" and RE3.

Publisher: Eidos Interactive, Developer: Capcom Entertainment, Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Survival Horror

F1 Challenge 99-02

F1 Challenge '99-'02 allows players to begin as a rookie driver, earn licenses, compete for cars, join a team, develop racing skills, and racefor the world championship. Users can create their own racer -- customizing items like helmets -- or choose from established Formula One stars. Redesigned F1 gameplay includes improved AI, realistic accidents, and option screens available during a race for car adjustments. Players will receive real-time feedback from their chief mechanic and team boss during a race.

Genre Racing Styles Formula-1/Indy Racing Publisher EA Sports Release Date June 23, 2003
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