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Oct 20, 2006

Warrior Kings

Warrior Kings is a 3D Real-Time Strategy Game similar to Shogun - Total War. Set in a medieval kingdom scenario.

You take control of a brave people ant its huge army and have to set up supply buildings, maintain your army and fight large battles against other armies. The game's controls are intuitive and easy to learn, so you can quickly follow the well written campaigns, which are constantly increasing in size and difficulty.

The most interesting features are the possibility to put up an espionage network, lay ambushes, enter diplomatic conversations, make raids or siege the opponent's cities.

If you're an RTS fan, Warrior Kings should find a home on your machine.

Devastation Zone Troopers

game review: You are a Devastation Zone Trooper and one of the Blue Star Alliance’s toughest… hardened in combat and trained for action!

During a space border patrol, you receive a code red distress call. The Rakkai Empire is invading the planet! As one of only a few highly skilled survivors, you must use overwhelming firepower and all of your combat skills to battle the hordes of hostile ground troops!

Fight through more than 50 levels of intense action and use your arsenal of weapons to destroy everything in sight!

* Destructible 3D game environment
* Incredible number of enemies on the screen
* Proprietary BladeFX 2.0 engine for extreme particle counts and advanced FX
* Advanced lighting engine (every bullet and explosion casts glow and light)
* 3D positional sound
* 13 Original soundtracks
* More than 50 levels of intense action
* Upgradeable weapons and power-ups
* Unique levels with different enemy tactics
* Joystick and joypad support
* Unique and truly addictive gameplay

Oct 19, 2006

Age Of Empires III The War Chiefs

review: The new expansion pack builds off of the real-time-strategy gameplay of the original, providing players with the ability to lead one of three proud Native American civilizations, including the Iroquois Confederation, to expand their empire and fight for control of the Americas. The game provides new ways to play and win, introducing new gameplay elements and content including new civilizations, a new single player campaign, Home City enhancements and additional maps and units. Additional content is also added to all existing European civilizations as well.
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Ensemble Studios
Platform: PC · Genre: Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 10/17/06 · Origin: U.S.
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