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Jan 17, 2007

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

PC game / "The Beast Within" is a direct sequel to Sins of the Fathers, the first in the "supernatural mystery" adventure series that tells us the story of a bookstore owner and writer Gabriel Knight, the last offspring of generations of "Schattenjaegers" (shadowhunters), whose task is to fight the evil forces that abound in the world. After leaving New Orleans, Gabriel moves to the Ritter Castle in Bavaria, Germany, his family heritage. One day, a group of peasants approach the castle, and the elder tells you about a terrible death of a littlegirl, who was killed by a vicious wolf. Suspecting the wolf could be a supernatural creature, the peasant asks you, the Schattenjaeger, to purge the evil. The investigation brings Gabriel and his assistant Grace Nakimura to the mysterious Hunter Society and to Bavaria's dark past.

"The Beast Within" utilizes a cast of live actors and full-motion video technology: the actors are filmed over photorealistic images of Munich and its surroundings, and nearly every interaction with the environment leads to a FMV sequence. However, unlike most "interactive movies" that were popular in this era, "The Beast Within" is a full-fledged adventure game, with a lot of dialogues, detective work to do, and puzzles to solve. Unlike the first game, "The Beast Within" is entirely point-and-click: all the icons were replaced by a single cursor.


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