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Jan 22, 2007


PC game , 2007 /Set in a world of fantasy dominated by the great, opposing powers of technology and nature, Silverfall gamers must choose between these forces in order to conquer all forthcoming quests and save the principal city from falling. Two companions will accompany them on their journey through the fascinating world of Nelwe. Decision-making is key throughoutthe game, as players' choices impact both storyline and accumulation of skills.

Silverfall offers a unique character building system of advancement and equipment that allows for complete freedom to customize characters. Gamers can develop unique characters such as scientist troll magicians, elemental elf warriors, or mercantile goblins. Fighting and magic are employed throughout the game, and vary from melee, ranged and technical to light, elemental and dark. Gamers will play throughout a 25-hour main quest, numerous side quests and two multiplayer modes, player-versus-player and co-operative. With four races to choose from, nine skill sets encompassing more than 130 individual skills, over 100 monsters, and advanced 3D graphics, Silverfall replenishes the RPG genre with a memorable hack-and-slash action adventure.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Gracias. This game is much better than Dungeon Seige 2 but the controls are not as tight as Titan Quest. I give it 8/10.

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