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Feb 25, 2007

God of War III PC Version

God of War III is an action-adventure video game. Based on Greek mythology, the game focuses on protagonist Kratos, and forms part of a saga (the sixth chapter in the God of War series) with vengeance as a central theme. Kratos and his initial allies, the Titans, storm Mount Olympus in an attempt to kill Zeus and the Olympian Gods. Playable on PC by Emulator


Anonymous said...

God of War 3 is the best game I ever played in my life, epic! The opening already shows us the greatness that the title Battles against bosses that are a highlight of the game, kill Cronos is something you will be impressed with the perfection of the game, a great boss you get beat by a Kratos is so small his.Gameplay near perfect, the best graphics this generation for me will top Uncharted 2, the extreme brutality, frenetic action from beginning to end, the character Kratos most perfect ever made in detail in a game or games the PC has a character so well mounted so.worth every penny.

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