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1998 Windows Games

3-D Frog Man 

Alien Earth

Die by the Sword

Deathtrap Dungeon


Falcon 4.0

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Dark Vengeance

Baldur's Gate

Fallout 2

Baldur's Gate

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Brave Fencer Musashi

Wild 9

Final Fantasy VII Ultima Edition

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

Heart of Darkness

Akuji the Heartless

Settlers 3


Anonymous said...

REALLY REALLY need help finding a game please! I got a demo of the game with windows 98 (I think, I know it was some windows program I'm pretty sure.) and I spent so much time on it when I was younger, can't remember the name of the game.
There was 2-4 players (could play against the computer) and dependent on the character you played you could summon different magical creatures, but you had to reach a certain amount of mana to summon the stronger creatures. It was a simple looking game, nothing too fancy, but I can't find it anywhere. Please please please, someone tell me the name of it.

Anonymous said...

Game you're looking for is named Sacrifice, it was like a 3rd person RTS something similar to Battlezone.

Anonymous said...

Please HELP ME,i belive this game is for 98 or 2000(PC),i don´t remember the name,but the game is a rpg(not famous i belive,i already looked in the net and not find never), the game was one character he dress like a mage, and you have to find a women,i remember one place you have do discover a sequence to pass(was a cave) and when you have pass a time you go to the future.
Please if you have any idea which game is tell me,i already looked in the internet and i never found,for many years i try to find this game,I know i have little information about the game,but any help will be great,THANKS

Anonymous said...

Day of the Tentacle? Hilarious game and you had to go into the future and into the pas to solve the riddle. Voice of the Les Nessman character from WKRP. Very creative

dont72 said...

so i need help trying to find a game from the 90's maby very early 2000's. i spent all day playing it. it was a one player game you were and man and you had to find your way through 100+ different levels collecting tokens/coins and making it to the end mark to go to a different level. if it helps any it is similar to the game worlds hardest game but this was made 80, 90, maby early 2000's. please and thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

dear admin. Can u please post the game named 'After Dark Games'. It was also realesed on 1998.

Edmar Novaes said...

Please, help!
I remember I used to play a game for win 98. The game looks like Doom, and Duke Nukem, but it had a touch of medieval things. We attack with a yellow orb that fires! and when the fires up, we use the rod to beat the demons that appear in the first level. I'm so tired of looking for this game that I'm almost giving up. Please, help.
I remember him in one cd along with much more games, like Jazz Jackrabbit and Magic Carpet. I would really appreciate if you guys found it for me ^^

Randal Kyle said...

The game u r looking for is called Hexen. Great game. I used to play it on the Sega Saturn.

Anonymous said...

Please I'm looking for a game that I used to play when I was a kid! There were a woman called Amazonia or sth and a King Kong and a guy who is an explorer I think and you get to choose between those charactera to play various games such as a swimming in the ocean race or fighting on some pyramid or other things I can't remember more details but I wanna know its name!! Plzzz!!

Anonymous said...

I remember a rpg demo from the late 90's where you played as a warrior and a witch (might have been a mage), with an isometric view. You traveled through levels to kill, loot and stop by towns to buy new gear and recruit mercanaries, if you wanted to. The game looked similar to baldur's gate, icewind dale and other games with the Infinity Engine, but had a different feel to it. This game did not run on the Infinity Engine, and it seems impossible to find, Could someone help me find the name for this forgotten gem?

Anonymous said...

Hey - So I played this game. It involved birds and music. You could go to differnt areas and help them or save them or have them sing a certain way to win teh level or had to play a game that beat the level but they would all be gathered in this one room on teh main screen and depending on which bird or set of birds you clicked on you would go to that area/game. It finally glitched and froze after a particularly active group of birds were flying around and my comp couldn't handle it. The game was very colorful... Help?

Crystal Miranda said...

Hi! I'very been looking for a game for about 5 yrs, from when I was a child. Help!! I was about 7yrs(maybe a year old or younger) old, born 1991. My mother bought it for my older siblings but I played it all the time with them because it was difficult for young self alone. It's a computer game: I remember it was a sister and brother in the game, in a creepy old village/town. Not sure if it was haunted or was a Halloween type game.I think you had to find pieces to get out of the town (to go home) or something. I know, not alot of info. But that's the most I remember and being in love with it. Tia!!

Anonymous said...

hi can anyone please help me with a game i used to play in windows 98 and the game was released around 1999 to early 2000's. it had three characters one was a solider who was searching the killers of his sister, another a girl- a chemist daughter (whose weapons were also chemical based) seeking revenge of her father's murderers and third was a magician warlock who was avenging his masters. the game had three different first levels acc to character and then the stages were common. each character had their own weapons powers and potions.. the game had demons.... can u please tell me the name i am not able to remember it.

Unknown said...

anyone know this game?? plz help me . i was born in 2002. i had played that game when i was around 7 or 8 years old ... the game was about ... a fuzzy circle living thing need to save the little fuzzy circle living thing in a bubble at the maze (it's kinda maze) in the maze , there was some ghost moster that if u touched it then the ghost monster will kick one of the little fuzzy living thing that u catch . the maze is something like the garden, there's some flower and grass around the maze and some grass do not have flower on it , that means you can crossover it .... when u save the little fuzzy living thing, you just touch it (like just cross over it) then it will follow behind you . it have a lot level . plzzzz i need to find this game.. i hope u all can help me . THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Unknown said...

How the game started: You are this character with a long blue dress and kind of like a pony tail I would say. In the beginning of the game you are in a village and you have to follow this fox which stole something from someone (but he walks and runs like humans). It was raining and you will hit him with an umbrella or sth.
Generally in this game the character throw cream color balls when you wwnt to hit someone. (Instead gun or shooting, the game is kind of cartoonish. I still have the sound of throwing in my head)
At one point in this game, aliens come down to vilage. An then at some point yyou change clothes and go to their spaceship. (That was the point I wqs so young to be able to make progress)
The game had a very interesting funny storyline, and it was more like thinking kind of game. Like you had to gram some stuff from somewhere use it somewhere else.
Would REALLY appreciate if someone could help.

Rati Ranjan said...

Anyone know the game? I used to play the game in split screen for 2 players. I don't remember exactly. The game has 4 war vechiles helicopter, tank, jeep and also base . Maybe the game runs on win 98 or me.

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