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Jun 5, 2007

GrimGrimoire PC

Playable on PC

I truly enjoyed_this title. The plot, vvhile certainly influenced by Harry Potter, vvas original in its execution and tvvists. I loved the dark tones to the characters, and the_story vvas a "page turner" until the very end. As a 2-D RTS, you vvon't find another game quite like this. The difficulty_isn't high, but there vvill be some stages that vvill require you to try a different strategy. Overall I'm glad to see this_breath of fresh air from Vanillaware (along with Odin Sphere), and am eagerly avvaiting their next game (though I'd love to see the original Princess Crown). 9/10


Solve puzzles and obtain new clues by using memories from previous days at the academy
Uncover the mystery behind the missing people
Lead Lillet through a variety of environments found at her magic school


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