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Jul 11, 2007

Virtua Fighter 2

PC game / The Virtua Fighter series is credited by many as being the greatest 3D Fighter series to date and while Virtua Fighter PC proved disappointing, this is not the case with Virtua Fighter 2 at least on a conversion level.

The storyline follows the World Fighting Tournament and its ten selected fighters. While returning characters such as Lau, Kage, Wolf, Jeffry, Akari, Jacky, Sarah, and Pai return, new kids Shun-di (though he is a barely a new kid at the age of 82) master of the drunken kung-fu style and Lion Rafale expert at Tourou-ken fighting for freedom from his possessive family.

With improved 3D Accelerators the game now takes on a new speed resembling that of the Arcade and Saturn versions. Game modes include Arcade, VS, Ranking, Portrait mode (where players can learn the games storyline), Expert mode (an interesting mode for real VF Hardcore), and Team Battle mode with two player Internet, direct, link and same screen multi-player options.


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