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Oct 1, 2007

Ricochet Infinity

PC game / My eyes are red and swollen. My mouse hand is stiff and sore. My jaw is slack. I cannot tear myself away from Ricochet Infinity. The bricks, the ships, the frozen cubes that I survive time after time to earn more points, the golden rings that lie just out of my aim until I find the correct strategy for gathering them up and adding them to my collection! I am a ringmaster, what more could I want in life? My family has given up on me. My friends tried to do an intervention, but ended up addicted themselves. I tried to tell them, "Don't try it! Don't play it even once!" but they didn't listen. Now all we talk about is rail balls, nuclear blasts, and brickslayers. Oh, brickslayer, brickslayer, how I love your spherical, spiky little self. All I want to do is play Ricochet Infinity in all its many infinite forms. Best game I've ever owned, I'd have paid three times what I did for it, and I'm well past the age where I should be sitting here at my computer playing games. I come home at the end of a day spent sadly Ricochet-less, and head straight for the computer. Water is secondary in importance, food a poor third in line. Sleep? What is sleep? What are chores? I must have Ricochet or I'll shrivel and disappear. The designers of this game are brilliant, and we are not worthy. I'm hopelessly hooked, now and forever. (Best new feature: If you don't get all the gold rings the first time on a level, you can go back and repeat it, and you don't have to hit ALL the rings again, just the one(s) you missed the first time around. How great is that???) I love this game to infinity and beyond.


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