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Nov 9, 2007

Viva Pinata

Genre Simulation Styles Life Development Sim Publisher Microsoft Game Studios Title: Viva Pinata

PC game
/ The world encompassing the piñata community is slowly dying, and to keep these creatures from going extinct, players must create a world where the piñata can thrive. Viva Piñata offers a place for gamers to create a lush green environment where all kinds of piñatas can live and prosper. Players have complete creative control over the neighborhoods they create, and can add grass, flowers, trees, fences, ponds, and other objects that will lure in the piñatas. Each type of piñata has different needs, such as a worm piñata's need for good earth to burrow in, and a rabbit piñata's need for long grass and carrots.

Piñatas can come in the form of customizable horses, sheep, raccoons, worms, crocodiles, or wolves, and just like in nature, some of them will not get along. Players can build fences to keep rival piñatas away from one another, and also to keep predator piñatas away from prey. Wild piñatas are red with black stripes and can cause general disorder in a garden. They are filled with bad candy that is poisonous to other piñatas, but they can be handled by asking helpers to beat them with a stick, taming them, or sending them off to pollute another player's garden.


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