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Dec 31, 2007

The Orange Box

Genre Action Styles Multi-Game Compilation Developer Valve Software Publisher EA Games

PC game / Half-Life 2: Orange Box for next-gen consoles includes 2004's critically acclaimed Half-Life 2, its first two expansion packs, Episode One and Episode Two; the standalone puzzle game, Portal; and the team-based multiplayer title, Team Fortress 2. Half-Life 2 continues the saga of scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself in a world overrun by an alien army known as the Combine. One of the key features in Half-Life 2 and its expansions is the use of physics to interact with the environment, whether it's pushing cinder blocks to create a staircase or using a gravity gun to hoist and then slam objects into enemies. Freeman will also be able to interact with several friendly characters as well as drive an assortment of vehicles while on his quest to defeat the Combine.


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