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Feb 9, 2007

1988 PC Games

Blaster Master (classic game)

Developer(s) Sunsoft
Genre(s) Run and gun, Platform game

Blaster Master is a platforming and run and gun video game

Diver Deep Water Adventures

PC game / Release Date : 19 JAN 2007 /Player falls into another strange world, his life depends on equipment. Sea never forgives any mistakes. For player one must become an ocean's researcher and complete many adventures in the underwater world. Player must pass the course of instruction and obtain ' the diver's certificate, which will allow it to participate in the dip. Player will become a professional diver ' and will perform many great discoveries. This game is a mi of 3d tactical strategies and first person adventure action. All events of the game are developed under water, in the underwater reign; you must carry out a lot of tasks, beginning from lifting of treasures, '
and the destruction of enormous white sharks, to the surveys for National Geographic publishing house.. In the game you should plunge into a underwater life and to accomplish the enormous quantity of unforgettable adventures. Nevertheless, to earn for living by diving, you can only after graduating from the courses and getting of the of the professional diver. Special attention in game is given to the reliability. Any underwater mission represents a real place and event.
For eample, in one task you will have to moor in passage Kattegat for searching and rising of the documents from the sunk submarine of the Second World war.

Feb 8, 2007

Counter Strike: Source Online Playable full

PC game / Counter-Strike: Source presents the content of the original Half-Life mod Counter-Strike on the Half-Life 2 "Source" game engine.

Feb 6, 2007

Zirconia 2: Battle

PC game / 2D shooter in which you battle a computer opponent indirectly. The screen will be split: with you on the left side and your opponent on the right. When the match begins, enemies which do nothing (except move) will spawn. Players must defeat these enemies and collect coins that they drop, of three different colors. You (and your opponent!) have a hand of up to 3 cards at a time which, when used, will have varying effects. You must have the appropriate amount of coins in order to play a card. There are many different strategies you can use here. For instance, a card could:

* 8 playable vehicles to select from, many of which are non-traditional
* Each vehicle has unique shot patterns and starting stats
* Choose from over 10 pre-built decks that have different playstyles
* Earn upgrade points and distribute them as you choose
* Mouse control is supported, and keyboard configurations are customizable
* Lots of replayability: Try out strange vehicle/deck combinations!
* Over 30 rounds in all, comprised of 7 different opponents
* Automatic saving: Just select a save slot when you start and never worry about forgetting to save. There are 10 save slots in all, so multiple users can all play.

Silent Hill 1 Pc

Platform PC Genre Horror Styles Survival Horror Developer Konami Publisher Konami Release Date January 31, 1999 Controls Keyboard /Joystick/Gamepad

Score: 90/100
Silent hill vvill scare you the first time youu play & it is also a fun_solid game. Playing in the dark vvill enhance the_experience and you vvill get a connection vvith the charectars & the silent hill universe_questioning the vvorld you live in all in all_brilliant game vvhich has brilliant sequels.

How to format system drive

Running two OS on my system.
Windows 7 on Drive(partition) C:
and Windows XP on Drive D:
now i wish to remove windows 7 from my system, got rid off the BOOT thing, but the windows files remain. System wont let me format the partition C:
what to do?


You need to edit the boot.ini file (could be hidden) on the D drive to look like this.

Since Windows 7 controlled the boot process it may have renamed the boot.ini file to boot.bak

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="C--XP" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

Once you have done that use a partition manager like EASEUSPartitionMasterPro to set the D drive active and the other drive to normal (anything but active)

Reboot your computer and enter the BIOS to set your D drive as first to boot after your CD/DVD drive.

Incidentally in the above boot.ini example where you see C--XP ..... that is (or was) the name of my drive ... you should put your own drive name there.

Once you get XP booting on it's own you should be able to format the Windows 7 HD.

Feb 4, 2007

Resident Evil 4 (Bio Hazzard 4)

MINIMUM REQUIMENTS 1.4GHzCPU, 256mb RAM. 761 hard drive. 128 mb video..

year:07 - review:
How's this for scary: a PC game, released in 2007, with zero mouse support. None. So the one thing you might hope to get from the PC port of Capcom's brilliant Resident Evil 4 is the one thing you don't get. Bravo! Way to miss the point of a PC port! On the other hand, the game is brilliant—one of the best survival-horror games ever made—so if you didn't play the console versions, it's worth it. as long as you have a gamepad or don't mind using just the keyboard. The higher-res graphics are great, too, which makes blowing the heads off zombies that much cooler.
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