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Feb 16, 2007

Armed Assault

PC game / COULD-HAPPEN-BUT-HASN’T confl ict, cold war baking on a common border: As the pro-West, prodemocratic kingdom of South Sahrani stink-eyes its northern communist neighbors, America sends in troops for training purposes. “It’s primarily a means of posturing,” says Armed Assault community manager Paul R. Statham. “Patronizing photo ops with no real intent of providing an actual presence.” Political cachet turns Pandora’s box when the North irrupts with Yanks still on Sahrani soil. See Armed Assault, Czech developer Bohemia Interactive’s sophomore combat sim, as the unoffi cial follow-up to Operation Flashpoint, the army-versus-army shooter that trailblazed warring over land, lake, and air well before Battlefi eld stormed the same space. Yet unlike EA’s built-for-online blockbuster, Armed Assault’s unplugged play is fully featured. “Single-player campaign proceeds upon the initial invasion,” Statham says. “South Sahrani is caught with its drawers down, so it’s pretty much a case of ‘up, on with the socks, and at ’em.’ First, you’ll struggle to slow the North’s swift aggression, but with a little skill and a lot of luck, you’ll make progress.” Freedom rings in the form of wide-open space (some 250 square miles’ worth of encompassing cities, boomtowns, and whistle stops), and attack plans (clandestine or direct) are yours to plot. According to Statham: “What happens in one mission affects the next, whether that be the squadmates you save or the hardware you spare. And that’s true in real time. For example, blast enemy artillery early, and it won’t bombard you when you attack a base; frag roving patrols fi rst, and they won’t shoot you in the keister later as you approach your primary objective.”
Where macrotactical dividends pay —* over time,
moment when hawks and insects fl y and fl it - through trees and shrubs—false positives for the high-strung and itchy-fi ngered. “Much of Armed Assault’s environment is interactive and, more importantly, functional,” says Statham. “It’s primary in our mindset: Only introduce features and effects if and when they have some sort of useful functionality and can contribute to the entire experience. It holds true for our use of special sound and HDR lighting—where staring into the sun, a fl ashlight, or a vehicle’s high beams interferes with your vision.”
Online, Armed Assault’s nationwide scope—orders of magnitude bigger than Battlefi eld’s—is the stuff of up-all-night i fi refi ghts. Flexible win conditions allow for anything from attrition and set score to the assassination of a specifi c target to the complete capture of every single city and shanty on Sahrani, coast to coast. “Of course,” says Statham, taking aim at Battlefi eld’s seesawing cap points, “seeing some missions through might take serious time—althoughw players can come and go over the coursel ' of the campaign—but beating feet from one checkpoint to another and back with a few vehicles haphazardly thrown in is no comparison. download game megaupload fileshares megashares sendspace

Formula 2006 Pc

PC game / Advantages: Official Game Of 2006 Season, All Teams and Cars, Realistic Handling
Disadvantages: Pretty difficult

Ferrari- Michael Schumacher And Rubens Barrichello
Williams- Juan Pablo Montoya and Ralf Schumacher
Renault- Fernando Alonso and Jarno Trulli
McLaren- Kimi Raikkonen and David Coulthard
BAR- Jenson Button and Takuma Sato and moree..... download rapidshare megaupload torrent

Feb 15, 2007

Cinema Empire

PC game / Start small, work your way up and end up as the owner of the country’s largest chain of movie theatres. To get there you will not only have to keep improving and expanding your movie theatre, but you will also have to lease new films. You will need to keep a sharp eye on your finances, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a feel for the next blockbuster!

Feb 14, 2007

Cocoto Kart Racer Review - Average Racing Game

This is an average racing game; no special features in it. In short, it is no Mario Kart. My son loves Crazy Frog; which is why he wanted this game.


PC game Publisher: Eidos Interactive/ Developer: Metropolis Software House Release Date: April 17, 2007/ Every thousand years a very rare planetary alignment makes Earth invisible to the Boss of the Bosses. Secret agencies of Heaven's and Hell's fighting each other for human souls, stop obeying any rules at all during that time. And even though Hell's agency traditionally does not obey rules, the balance between good and evil becomes gravely endangered when their opponents from Heaven also stop observing the rules! Dark Eaville, is on a mission to stop Heaven's agency and bring back the delicate balance between good and evil. download rapidshare megaupload torrent sendspace depositfiles

Feb 13, 2007

Overlord 2 nxcooking.dll error fix

Solution: download missing dll nxcooking.dll and palace your system32 directory

Feb 12, 2007

Supreme Commander

PC game / PUBLISHER: THQ DEVELOPER: Gas Powered Games GENRE: Real-Time Strategy
fi rst time you play,” warns Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor as I sit down for a session of Supreme Commander. “That faction is the hardest one because it’s so different.” But since when has common sense stopped anyone? The United Earth Federation comes with familiar warheads and futuristic offshoots of conventional craft—been there, nuked that. The Cybran Nation is composed of self-actualized super-robots that clearly cribbed notes from The Terminator or Will Smith’s magnum opus Wild Wild West. The Aeon Illuminate, a religious order, uses some weird alien technology that—I’ll
admit now—takes a lot of getting used to.

Any RTS mastermind knows there’s a science to build order. Do you churn out a tank rush, become an economic juggernaut, or go scouting? In my case, you try doing everything at once—and fail miserably. Supreme Commander’s maps are huge—even the two-player battlegrounds here measure 400 square kilometers— and encourage thought and exploration. The best course of action: Quickly get an economy off the ground and send out scouts to gather intel. An army needs energy and mass (the two in-game resources) to operate, and a quick look at the map shows where to set up mass extractors. Some key advice: Select your fi rst engineer, hold down the Shift key, and start stacking orders. Look for the mass collection hash marks on the map; and for every mass extractor you erect, order at least one generator. Quickly tag
resource spots and let your engineers work in the background while building
your army.
Stacking orders early enough—and smartly enough—is half the battle. Let’s say you drop down a factory and want to upgrade it to tech level 2. Click the upgrade button, and you can place a build request for tier-two tech. Then order some more units and request the tier-three upgrade. Instead of waiting around for idle engineer units or monitoring every individual event on the battlefi eld, you only need to focus on giving general directions while the A.I. follows through on the orders.

The way Taylor puts it: “Patton has to say to a guy, ‘Drive the tank over to the hill.’ And the guy comes back and says, ‘Now what?’ And Patton goes, ‘OK, now fuel it.’ And the guy comes back and goes, ‘Now what?’ ‘Put some bullets in the gun.’ He comes back later and says, ‘And now what?’ Patton goes, ‘Take those tanks, get ’em all ready, and attack that small town to the north.’” You’re supposed to be a supreme commander, not a babysitter. “Here, the commander is able to say all that in one fl uid sentence while the guy says, ‘Yes, sir. And I’ll be there by tomorrow afternoon.’” Supreme Commander instantly gives an estimated time of arrival for all your commands. Meanwhile, I create my fi rst scouting party to gather intel on my wily opponent— it’s time to set a course into unknown territory. I create a full loop by setting various waypoints, and an ETA timer tells me how long the loop will take to complete. Oops. I forgot to send a scout out to the northeast corner of the map. No prob. Hold down the Shift key and just drag a waypoint out to adjust the route. The ETA timer updates automatically, and I’m back in business.
Of course, that’s until I screw things up and make idiotic demands of my troops. Remember that whole build-order thing I was just talking about? Stupidly tapping a couple of upgrade buttons too often and too quickly sent my economy into a tailspin. My mass extractors all received orders to upgrade to level-three technologies right from the game’s start. Sure, it’ll yield a metric asston of mass once completed, but it was too much, too soon. With my first few scouts on patrol destroyed, I was out of cash, short on troops, and running out of time.

Forced into a turtling position, I quickly shut down the mass-extractor upgrades (and watch as the economy jumps back to life) while erecting some walls and point-laser defenses. Using my supreme commander unit as an extra set of engineering hands, I clear-cut some trees to build mass and energy collectors to stockpile resources for the fi ght ahead. I was about to get swarmed and had little time to react. Defensive positions! Laser turrets, tier two. Start producing shields for the inevitable nuke strike. Build a radar system. Start upgrading my supreme commander unit for battle (yes, command units can also be upgraded—be a better engineer or develop personal shields, for example). Order up some tech-level 3 Siege Assault bots to fi ght back. With my head back in the game, it was easy to appreciate everything happening. My artillery and defensive turrets tag anything entering radar range—or at least scare ’em away. When you target one unit to attack another in Supreme Commander,
there’s no guarantee you’ll hit it. Taylor chimes in,

“You don’t know if you’re going to miss, hit something else, or hit a tree and then the tree catches fi re, falls over, and hits a shield system instead.” Proper physics decide the battle—physics that I wished to God would work in my favor right about now. I fi nally clear a path for my assault bots to locate and take out the missile silos. Launch detected. Crap. My shields absorb some of the damage, but it’s over. All but a few ragtag units get wiped from the map. I will have my revenge, but there is one thing I can promise: Losing the fi rst round won’t infl uence my opinion of the fi nal game.


The superpowers’ superweapons
Every major war has its confl ict-ending experimental technology. World War II had Fat Man
and Little Boy. The future holds Voltron-like robots and cannon-bristling, trundling dreadnoughts.
Here’s a quick debriefi ng:

Intel: This Mobile Land Factory is a superior support unit, featuring four battleship cannons and a powerful shield generator mounted on a heavily armored frame. An internal construction bay permits troop reinforcements in the fi eld.
Tactics: The Fatboy is ill-prepared for small, fast-moving targets. Penetrate the shields and avoid the limited fi ring arc of side-mounted riot guns to infl ict signifi cantto- serious damage.

Intel: This monstrous spiderbot houses an extremely powerful microwave laser for short-range destruction. Prepped for resistance, it also has extremely thick armor and short-range antiair/antiground countermeasures.
Tactics: The “Monkeylord” (which doesn’t look anything like a monkey, by the way) is a
slow-moving unit that’s especially vulnerable to long-range bombardment or when traveling
through water.

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Intel: The Colossus focuses quantum energy through its eye into a highly destructive, short-range beam attack. Upon death, the chest cavity breaks open and releases a highly unstable, incredibly volatile quantum energy “being” that quickly dissipates.
Tactics: The Colossus is extremely vulnerable to air and naval attacks. download rapidshare

error STOP: C0000221 unknown hard error \SystemRoot\System32\ntdll.dll

get "Hard Disk Sentinel" and check your drive for corruption
there may be another problem, not really a bad file

Feb 11, 2007

Patriots: A Nation Under Fire

PC game - 2007/ Massive-scale terrorism has returned to American soil, with a vengeance. Without the bravery and expertise of the U.S. National Guard, the outcome will be truly disastrous. Through first-person shooter styled play, gamers assume the role of a National Guard serviceperson to help disarm a series of devastatingly powerful bombs that have been set to go off simultaneously in cities across the country. The game's nine levels include familiar locations such as shopping malls, condominiums, and residential neighborhoods, where suicide attackers and desperate hostage-takers could be waiting around any otherwise-mundane corner. Patriot was developed by 4D Rulers Software with a keen perspective on its subject matter; project lead Joel Huenink served in the National Guard for eight years.

Castle Strike

PC game - 2004 / Bolster your defenses while wearing down those of your opponents in this real-time strategy game from Germany's Related Designs Software studio. Castle Strike is set in Europe during the Hundred Years' War and allows play as the England, France, or Germany. Each nation can eventually produce well over a dozen different types of units, from archers and spearmen to mounted knights and siege engines. Reminiscent of Firefly Studios' Stronghold, base development is more of a focus in Castle Strike than in many other real-time strategy games. In later stages, a nation's largest investment of resources will most likely go toward building a large, powerful castle. The game's interface is intended to make it easy for players to lay out walls, towers, and structures according to their own designs, so end-game strategies may involve creating a defendable fortress while hampering the enemies' efforts to do the same.

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