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Feb 22, 2007

City Life World Edition

PC game / In City Life: World Edition, you must build your city, zone for construction, and bring in taxes, but it doesn't end there. The twist that makes City Life different from other metropolis planning games is the importance placed upon the different people living in the city. Instead of an overall "good" or "bad" rating from the general population, City Life features six different classes of citizens to keep happy.

All six, ranging from the "have-nots" to the "elite" have specific needs and wants to be satisfied. The "have-nots" may be more interested in simple things such as a shopping center and a school, while the wealthier classes might want more extravagant facilities like airports and art museums. Placing a neighborhood of "well-to-do"s next to a neighborhood of "do-nothings" could cause a riot, or other unpleasant occurrences.

The game offers two modes of play: "Sandbox" and "Campaign." "Sandbox" sets up an open environment where you can build everything your heart desires, while "Campaign" mode requires you to complete mission objectives to move onto the next challenge. Each objective has three conditions for victory. download rapidshare megaupload sendspace torrent

Samorost 2

PC game / The simple gameplay in Samorost 2 shuns dialogs and character inventory. Some of the puzzles do require picking up an object and using it. But if anything can be picked up in this game, it is meant to be used somewhere on the same screen. In keeping with the theme of simplicity, there is no option to save your progress. Instead, the game is divided into several levels, each of which has a passcode which is displayed briefly at the start of a level. If you note down the passcode, you can resume playing at the beginning of that level at any time. This might sound like an unwise design decision, but it works because the levels are typically quite short in length.

Feb 21, 2007

Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal

PC game / Recruit a band of fairy companions to save a fantasy world from a terrible fate in Zanzarah, a role-playing adventure from Germany's Funatics Development. As in Nintendo's Pokémon series (and its countless console imitators), the focus of this 3D PC game is on collecting an elite corps of creatures that will battle for the player's character and lend other special powers to her heroic cause.

In an age before memory, the mythical races of elves, goblins, and fairies lived in the same world as regular men and women. As the human societies grew more prevalent and intrusive, however, the creatures of legend went to live in a new world of peace and fantasy where they would be safe from the cold-hearted expansion of humankind. This new place of legend is called Zanzarah and it is nothing but a fairy tale to most of us in the "real" world.

The heroine of this game is different. She is a woman of both worlds. Though born and raised in our own cold world of logic and reality, she soon begins to realize the influence of another time and place upon her existence. On her 18th birthday, she finds herself able to cross over into the fantasy land of Zanzarah, where she soon becomes entangled in an ancient prophecy.

Some strange underlying force of chaos has disrupted the once-peaceful world Zanzarah. The line between good and evil is becoming blurred. An ancient prophecy speaks of this troubled time and of a strange hero from afar who might be Zanzarah's only hope for salvation. But could this small woman, barely more than a child, truly be the answer to the dying world's future? This is a question only the player can answer as she enters Zanzarah.

Feb 19, 2007

War Front: Turning Point

PC game / War Front: Turning Point is an "alternate history World War II" real-time strategy game, featuring authentic equipment and armaments of the era in speculative-fiction battle scenarios. Based on the premise that Adolph Hitler will be assassinated early in the conflict, the World War II of War Front develops differently from the one we read about in history books, leaving different factions to seize power in Germany, and leaving Russia to decline some alliances in favor of its own interests. The game's story line follows key character throughout the events, and these hero characters gain experience and become stronger with each mission they survive.

Technology develops differently in this alternate reality as well, and sci-fi equipment -- such as multi-turret tanks, personal jetpacks, and even fighting mechs -- may make it off the drawing board and onto the battlefields. As inmany real-time strategy games, players must gather resources required for continued support and production, while defending their bases and launching offensive against their enemies. War Front allows players to guide their forces from a traditional top-down perspective, or to zoom in close for third-person action-styled control of a particular units. Two single-player campaigns offer perspectives from both sides of the re-imagined conflict, and multiplayer games support as many as ten networked commanders.
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