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Mar 30, 2007

Penumbra: Overture

PC game / After his mother dies, Philip receives a letter from his dead father that leads him to Greenland. The first in a series of three and originally a demonstration on innovative game design, Penumbra: Overture invites players to navigate Philip through a dark and mysterious mine as he faces angry wolves and many obstacles. Instead of shooting a path through a group of enemies, Penumbra stages each scene so that gamers must use their wits to avoid trouble instead of violent acts. However, as a last resort, players may take out creatures with environmental weapons including a pickaxe. Although avoiding aggressive AI is important, players must also complete the puzzles to advance. With no "point-and-click" movements, gamers will manipulate items on their own. For example, players may open drawers, pick up objects, and pull levers by moving the mouse.

Mar 27, 2007

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Platform PC Genre Strategy Styles 3D Real-Time Strategy Developer EA Los Angeles Publisher Electronic Arts Release Date March 27, 2007 Controls Keyboard /Mouse
Rating: 4/5
Excellent RTS Experience! Basically vvhat u can expect_from Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars is balanced_races, superb graphics for an RTS, a fun_campaign w/ HD movies, huge online gaming_community, as vvell as several units. It added_alot to the previous games other_than just upping the graphics. You get a nevv campaign, new story, nevv race, as well as a fevv new units and buildings. They have_already released a Level Editor vvhich they plan to make_mods later in (Like Warcraft III). As well as patches, its a supported game & vvas released vvhen it was_ready.

Mar 25, 2007

Project: Snowblind

PC game / Players take the role of a futuristic super soldier to battle the forces of an oppressive regime in this original cross-platform shooter by Eidos' mainstay studio Crystal Dynamics. Set about 60 years in the future, the game follows the heavily armed adventures of Lt. Nathan Frost, who began as just another infantry soldier in the internationally sponsored Liberty Coalition. When a battlefield explosion nearly kills him, Frost's body is rebuilt through a highly experimental procedure. He survives, and comes away stronger, faster, and better than before, enhanced with the potential for a number of superhuman powers and abilities. He is soon sent back into action, where he can put these special augmentations to good use.

Initially conceived as a new game set in the Deus Ex universe, Project: Snowblind was developed to combine the frontline, first-person action brought out in contemporary World War II-based shooters with the non-linear setting of a science fiction adventure. The game eventually developed an identity all its own, however, and plays out in a near-future setting where a wide variety of imaginative weapons may be mastered, and a selection of high-tech vehicles are available for both transportation and assault runs. The single-player game spans 11 multi-part missions set in 16 different locations, including repurposed theaters, abandoned temples, and a large, urban wasteland. A number of online multiplayer modes are supported for Internet-connected gamers.

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