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Jun 22, 2007

Race Caterham

PC game / The Caterham Expansion contains three car models from Caterham Cars Limited in 60 different designs along with two new tracks, Imola and Estoril.
A new controller interface with more attention paid to the players wanting to drive the cars using joy-pad, keyboard or mouse steering. Other details are a keyboard hotkey control function of ghost to more efficiently toggle the ghost car on/off by a map-able hotkey, and the support for one race format as an option to the two race format used in FIA WTCC.

Jun 20, 2007

Friday Night 3D Darts

PC game / Friday Night 3D Darts features ten different match games, with scoring from 101 to 1001. Other popular dart games, such as Around the Clock and Cricket, are also included. Players face off against a number of computer opponents with individual skill levels. Players can adjust their own skill level, using a slider bar, and statistics can be tracked while playing. Beginners can learn to play darts quickly, using in-game hints. Depending on the level of play, settings of the game will change. Play at home for novice games, step up your game to play at a pub, or go for it all in a tournament setting. Friday Night 3D Darts is part of the Global Star Software series that also includes Friday Night 3D Pool and Friday Night 3D Bowling.

Jun 18, 2007

Metal Slug 5

PC game / This release bundles PC ports of the fourth and fifth editions in SNK's enduringly popular, staunchly old-school, side-scrolling shooter series of arcade games. Players take the control of a stylized commando character and face a barrage of against-all-odds battles as they make their way ever forward, left to right, through a variety of dangerous environments.
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