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Aug 25, 2007

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

PUBLISHER: EA Sports DEVELOPER: EA Tiburon GENRE: Sports ESRB RATING : Everyone MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: 1.6GHz CPU, 256MB RAM (512MB in Vista), 3GB hard drive space, 64MB videocard (128MB in Vista) MULTIPLAYER: 2-4 players
Everything old is...well, mostly still old
review: If you put a gun to my head and demanded I choose between the Windows and Xbox 360 versions of Tiger 08, well…things might get a little messy. On the one hand, this version is somewhat more realistic in its approach to the game. And it’s considerably more forgiving in the putting department, which is a welcome change. But, oh, those character models. Watching these dated-looking, mannequin-esque golfers stomp woodenly through the lush, detailed links is like a crash course in the theory of the Uncanny Valley. In fact, much of the game feels like an afterthought to its more modernseeming console brethren. The stat system, for example, is drastically simplified, and absent are the skill challenges that allow you to build up a created character’s abilities. This version is geared more toward the reallife golfer, though, with more courses, a more complex shot system, and a vastly more realistic PGA Tour mode (in which you start out as a nobody, rather than jumping right in against the pros). Better yet, the elegant “TrueSwing” system returns; the action of pulling smoothly back on the mouse and pushing forward—with the proper tempo, direction, and speed—is the closest thing to actually playing the game we’re likely to see for a while. Of course, aside from the marginally effective confidence system—which boosts or hurts your accuracy depending on how familiar you are with a hole—you’ll find hardly anything significant enough to justify a purchase if you already own Tiger 07…or even 06.•


PC game / Based on the folklore of four cultures, Loki is the story of Seth, the Egyptian god of chaos and his desire to destroy all mythology. To stop him from realizing his vision, gamers must take the role of a Norse warrior, Greek fighter, Aztec shaman, or Egyptian sorcerer. Each character comes with their own spells, powers, and weapons; however, gamers may increase the overall effectiveness of their armaments by combining runes and other materials at the village forge.

As players make their way through the adventure, they will find themselves at such battles as the siege of Troy and the battle of Ragnarok. Loki is filled with over 100 different types of enemies including the Minotaur, skeletons, centaurs, various soldiers, mummies, and harpies. Throughout these battles gamers fight shoulder to shoulder with legends of combat including Achilles, Thor, and Akhenaton as they take on Medusa, Fenrir, and Fafnir. Players may journey alongside friends in a group or challenge each other to player-vs.-player competitions.

Aug 21, 2007

911: First Responders

PC game / In 911: First Responders, become the head of operations in a fictional rescue and catastrophe management organization. Command a number of vehicles and staff from the fire department, medical rescue, police and technical services. Be a real world hero set against a background of continuous day/night changes and constantly varying weather conditions.

20 Exciting Missions with multiple life saving solutions set in diverse locations around the world – from Antarctica to the Middle East to Your Hometown.
* Realistic Catastrophes and Detailed Graphics - manage a large team of emergency professionals through a wide range of physical conditions and situations.
* Control All Emergency Units ranging from SEK scouts, recovery helicopters, technical ancillary services, fire rescue, EMT, and even TransAid large-capacity aircraft.
* Realistic Physical Conditions featuring collapsing buildings and bridges, blast waves, even object weight and material for an truly authentic experience.

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