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Oct 20, 2007


PC game / Compete in craftiness against the computer or against friends to combine the letters in the most appropriate way! Place your letters wisely to complete already formed words or create new ones and take advantage of bonus squares to increase your score. Developed in partnership with the French Federation of Scrabble, this new edition will make everyone, if they are not already, hardcore players of Scrabble! Every Word Counts!

Oct 18, 2007

Football Manager 2008

PC game / If you take FM2008 at face value, you're left standing eyeball to eyeball with the finest football management game ever made. But just like Aliens: Special Edition was fleetingly more engaging than the cinema release, this year's FM feels like a game that further polishes an already highly buffed formula but fails to take it to a genuinely higher level.

MotoGP 07 Review

This game, like the rest of the motogp series is a great representation (as far as video games go) of what it is like to ride a motorcycle on a track. It very well demonstrates the need to become familiar with the individual courses (which are well done), and gives a somewhat accurate representation of the handling dynamics of a genuine track motorcycle (best offering yet). The game is realistic enough to show the glaring differences between a rider with track experience and one without.
However, the games graphics are poor. Compared to the newest car racing sims like the forza series, the motorcycle representations are laughable.
Although it is obvious that the developers have spent a lot of effort in representing the tracks accurately, it seems that is all they did. When I play a game like Project Gotham and am blasting towards a corner, I find it easy to consistently find my braking points, because there exists a fabulously detailed environment in which to pick and refine my brake markers. In MotoGp, there is little image detail on or off track to help you reference anything, including turning points, braking markers, or acceleration points. In a real world situation, for a device as unforgiving as a motorcycle, the lack of these details (cones, corner signage, paint markings, trees, signposts, etc...) would certainly cause crashes.

I really enjoy the game, and it is the best available for scooter nuts today. It has the greatest offering of the most fabulous tracks around the world to race on (of any of the racing genre) I am aware of. However, the game has not really progressed graphics-wise since its initial offerings, and compared to todays vehicle sims, looks like space invaders.

Verdict: 60/100

Oct 15, 2007

Team Fortress 2

Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Valve Software Publisher Valve Software Min Requirements: 1.7 ghz Cpu, 512 ram, 7gb hard drive space, Internet connection

Pc game /Grenade-free Team Fortress? Ain't that a teatless Holstein (as the red-vs.-blue FPS's hayseed Engineer would word it)? A refresher in two shakes lor the rusty: Each and every class in 1999s Team Fortress Classic packed pineapples and—Sniper excluded—a second, role-specific bomb. The latter individualized kits and gave the game a fingerprint identifiable in any suspect pool ultramobility on maps blueprinted to act as both runway and launching pad. To blow the lid on my bias, this is mostly a Scout- and Medk's-eye view. But then these were "my" classes. If you played, you had yours, too, because just like an arcade fighting game—Sfreer Fighter II. Tekken. whatever—that's how it worked. Nine years (as valve managing director Gabe Newell reminds us in Team Fortress 2"% rich commentary mode) is a whole hell of a lot of time to wear one pair of sneakers. No replacement's a comfier fit no matter how much nicer it is.

Title Bout Championship Boxing & System Requirements

Title Bout Championship Boxing is the ultimate in computer boxing games simulations with complete statistics, multiple ranking systems, full editing capabilities, over 3200 rated fighters, and trainers, corner men, referees, venues, rule sets, titles are all part of the simulation. Computer Gaming World calls it the The undisputed heavyweight champion of boxing sims!

Game Details:
Platform: PC, Windows
Genre: Boxing
Mode(s): Single-player
Release: 2003
Controls: Keyboard/Mouse
Language: English

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Processor: Pentium 2 @ 266 MHz
Memory: 64 Mb
Hard Drive: 60 Mb free
Video Memory: 8 Mb
Video Card: , SVGA, 1024x768 Resolution
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 8.1
DVD Rom Drive
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