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Dec 21, 2007

Spaceforce Captains

Genre Strategy Styles 3D Turn-Based Strategy Publisher JoWooD Productions

PC game
/ Spaceforce Captains a turn-based strategy game where you'll have to build a space station and conquer the space with a captain leading a large fleet. The game features 3 campaigns with 24 missions, adventure, management, action, RPG and tactic elements, more than 120 individual captains and over 200 cutting-edge technologies to upgrade your fleet.

Belief & Betrayal

Games for Windows Genre Adventure Styles First-Person Adventure Developer Artematica S.r.l. Publisher Lighthouse Interactive

Playing as Danter gamers must collect_clues and solve puzzles vvhile interacting with a cast of characters to uncover a connection betvveen the death & the Catholic Church. Players_travel from New York to London & then onto France, Venice, & finally, the_Vatican vvhere they piece the_secrets together and discover a truth_hidden since the_last days of download game torrent megaupload rip megashares http

Dec 20, 2007

Monster Jam

Genre Racing Styles Monster Truck Racing Developer Torus Games Pty. Ltd. Publisher Activision Value Publishing Inc.

PC game / Fans will play as or against legendary vehicles Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Blue Thunder, Bounty Hunter, and 16 others in three distinct events: stadium racing, stadium circuit, and stadium freestyle. Also included are 12 outdoor circuit tracks, ranging from an airport graveyard to a ski resort. Destructible objects such gas stations, buses, trailers, and even yachts add to the mayhem, as your truck shows the wear and tear of competition with blown engines, flat tires, lost hoods, and more. The arcade-style action is further enhanced with turbo boosts, stunts, and split-screen multiplayer races.

Dec 18, 2007


Genre Adventure Styles First-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Moloto Publisher Federation X Entertainment and Media Group

year: 02 - PC game / The gameplay is slow-paced and requires you to be very observant of your surroundings. You need to examine everything before leaving an area, because sometimes there are obscure items that youll need to pick up. The bulk of the game is focused on talking with people and using items (ones bought or found) to solve puzzles.

Dec 17, 2007

the Golden Compass

Genre Action Styles Action Adventure Developer Shiny Entertainment, Inc. Publisher Sega of America, Inc.

PC game / Joining Lyra on her perilous quest is the demon Pan, a shape-shifting manifestation of her soul, and an armored polar bear named Iorek. Players will explore 11 areas from the book and film by alternating control of these principal characters. To help Lyra navigate the 3D environments, Pan can freely transform into one of four animal guises: an ermine, hawk, sloth, and a wildcat. Each form lets Lyra climb, jump, fly, and perform other actions to solve puzzles or to avoid traps.

In addition to Lyra and Pan, players will guide the ferocious Iorek in combat encounters viewed from a third-person perspective. Wolves and other packs of enemies must be defeated using a combination of swipes, bites, and charge moves. The titular compass, Lyra's alethiometer, is used to decode secrets, answer questions, and unlock bonus content throughout the game. Featured locales include Jordan College, London, Trollesund, Bolvangar, and Svalbard.
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