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Dec 29, 2007

Battlefield 1942

Platform PC Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Developer Digital Illusions Publisher Electronic Arts Release Date September 10, 2002

Rating: 4,2/5
Battlefield 1942 & Road to Rome are_the BEST games in their_genre that I have ewer played & I've played_them all. Some people_may complain that_the single player missions are a bit_lacking & sure I agree. The single_player campaign is easy but that's not vvhat makes_this game vvhat it is. The MULTIPLAYER aspect_is vvhere this game shines. VVe didn't fight_against AIs during WWII....vvhy fight against_them online vvith other

Dec 28, 2007

Disney's Tarzan

Genre Action Styles Side-Scrolling Platform Developer Eurocom Developments Ltd. Publisher Disney Interactive

year: 99 - PC game / 13 levels of jungle adventures and 5 bonus areas in your quest to stop the evil Clayton from destroying the jungle forever.

Dec 26, 2007

Sinking Island

Genre Adventure Styles First-Person Graphic Adventure Developer Microïds Publisher Microïds

PC game / Jack has just three days to complete 10 gameplay missions, collecting valuable clues and storing evidence in his PPA.


The plot is centered around the investigation of the death of a millionaire named Walter Jones. The main acting character in the game is Jack Norm, a police officer entrusted with the task of solving the mystery. The events take place on a fictional island owned by the late Walter Jones in an Art Deco-style tower. The plot takes place over three days and follows a classic murder mystery scheme where a detective needs to uncover the identity of the murderer.
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Dec 24, 2007

Sherlock Holmes vs Arsene Lupin

Genre Adventure Style First-Person, Modern

PC game / Real-time 3D technology graphics. As these investigation sites are real places, they can also be admired by art-lovers. Hundreds of works of art, objects, sculptures and paintings have been faithfully reproduced for the purposes of the game.
By clicking on each object, you can take a closer look and listen to the personal commentaries from Sherlock Holmes about the work - a real treat for art enthusiasts!

Dec 23, 2007

Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge

Genre Strategy Styles 2D Real-Time Strategy Developer Westwood Studios Publisher EA Games

year: 00 - PC game /In any case, at least we're reminded this is just a simple game intended for enjoyment. The interface is unarguably familiar with the aforementioned isometric, 2D view of the battlegrounds with a menu on the right-hand side of the screen detailing your radar, resources, and building options. What's changed for the better, however, is this one-stop shop now divides all your possible building options into four main tabs: infrastructure, base defenses, men and vehicles. games download torrent megaupload rapidshare full

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