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Feb 13, 2008

Hour of Victory

Genre Shooter Styles First-Person Shooter Publisher Midway Home Entertainment Release Date February 12, 2008

PC game / In the Hour of Victory three characters entrenched on the battlefields of WWII must use their unique skills to make it through each level alive. Playing as Major Ambrose Taggert, gamers may sneak up on enemies and dispatch them with the sharp edge of a blade. Lieutenant William Ross is more inclined to run in guns first and shoot anything that moves. Finally, Sergeant Calvin Blackbull delivers the killing blow with a sniper rifle from a safe distance.

These three soldiers are the tools players use to complete each mission in the game. Their skills are all useful and each obstacle will require the use of at least one if not all three avatars. Designed to include all the details and realisms of WWII, gamers must navigate each landscape while planes, tanks, and infantry wage war around them. When not on foot the trio may commandeer any vehicle on the battlefield and ride through danger on a Sherman Tank, a Kubelwagon, or Axis Tiger Tank. Online, gamers may go to war with friends by connecting to Xbox Live.


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