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Mar 13, 2008

How to change Gears of War Language

To change language settings, just use unicode number in the lang.txt file. (file is in ..\Gears of War\Binaries)

Here's some (0=zero) :

0404 Chinese
0407 Deutsch
0409 English
040c French
0410 Italian
0412 Korean
0c0a Spanish

Only those languages are available.


Anonymous said...

this does not work

Anonymous said...

This works!!!!

thank you very much!!!!


go to the binaries folder and find the thing called "lang"

copy and save it to the desktop (do this just in case)

then open it and type in 0409

that should get the game in english

Anonymous said...

Works great! Thanks man

Anonymous said...

You are the best!!
Thanks man

Anonymous said...

thanks you help me

Anonymous said...

Thanks man !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

where to type 0409

Sai Prasanth said...

no nt working can some one explain me the whole step

zubair qidwai said...

you are great man i think you are a real gamere

Yoram Jere said...

thanx its workin

Anonymous said...

0409 is already written in lang.txt file. How to change the language to english Gears of war game is in russian.Please guide me step by step.

Anonymous said...

Pls guide me how to do it. I am not able to change the language.

Ganesh Valluru said...

not working... i installed iso file using demon tools not working in english but their voice in english.. what i have to do now?
plese help me

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

great solution.


Vedran Primorac said...

Go to Binaries then find ''lang'' file or folder dosent matter u should see bunch of numbers in it delete all of them then type 0409 and save it then scroll down untill u see Startup icon try to launch game from there this helped me my game was on russian also now all is in English hope it helped

Ayman Elkammar said...

Thnx a lot dude

Tony Gichuki said...

Its working!!!. Thanks man

SiRJ0n4s said...

Hey guys, you have to do the following under Windows 10

Go to Settings
Then Time and Language
Then Region and language
Add English to Languages
Then click on additional settings
Click on Add a language
Move English up on top.

Now Gears should play in English. Also, you may have to change your overal system language as well.

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