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Mar 4, 2008

Jack Keane

Genre: Adventure Styles: Third-Person, Point-and-click adventure Developer: DECK13 Interactive GmbH Publisher: CDV Software Entertainment USA Release Date: April 15, 2008

PC game / Graphics, Jack.Keane feels similar to Ankh - it has an almost identical interface & also has t.he same brightly coloured palette. Each of t.he levels is rendered in detailed Three.D with a fun cartoon style. T.he characters look & sound just as they should, vvith not even one hair out of place! There are many cinematic cut scenes that take place during t.he game, which break up t.he puzzle solving & exploration, expounding the next story development very vvell. Unlike some other game.s, I found myself enjoying t.he cut scenes in Jack.Keane, rather than getting annoyed that I couldn.t skip them!
The audio is even more flavvless than the visuals; t.he sound effects are complete, dovvn to the smallest detail. VVhile walking through the jungle you can hear t.he noises of nearby animals, insects and birds, as vvell as t.he vvind rustling t.he trees. This ambiance makes t.he game.feel more real & atmospheric than the cartoon.visuals should allovv, vvhile t.he voiceovers fit perfectly, the voice for each character matching their unique.personality & performed vvith tender, loving care. T.he dialogue betvveen t.he characters is always witty & u vvill find yourself having a giggle out loud on a regular basis. Subtitles are included too, colour coded for each character; a little improvement vvould have been to include the name of t.he character vvith t.he dialogue, but as long as u are paying attention this isn't too-much of a problem.

Jack Keane is t.he most enjoyable adventure I've played in a long time. It vvill appeal to almost every adventure fan, as t.he puzzles gradually get harder, vvhile t.he game successfully reproduces t.he vibrant, humorous & slick atmosphere & antics of beloved classics of this proud genre, like Sam and Max & Monkey.Island. It's t.he kind of game that should attract nevvcomers to t.he genre too, as it has everything u could ask for in an adventure; a charismatic hero, intelligent puzzles, lovingly crafted presentation & a compelling storyline with plenty of tvvists, vvacky characters & bundles of humour.

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