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Mar 29, 2008


Genre: Puzzle Styles: Action Puzzle Publisher: PopCap Games Release Date: 2007

Yu could argue that this is nothing but digital pachinko. You could argue that it takes no skill. Thats OK. We forgive you. We were once like you. But once you start playing, you will discover the truth: You can't stop playing. Ant that's OK, too. Let yourself go. Be one of us. Be a Peggle Zombie. There is no shame in it. PopCap Games, the maker of Bejeweled and Bookworm, did it again in 2007 with another insidiously addictive puzzle game, and no one expects you to resist.
On the surface, Peggle looks like the easiest and possibly dumbest game ever. Click the mouse (the game's only control) to fire a ball into a screen full of colored pegs. Knock out all the orange pegs to advance to the next level. Repeat. The game's look is frighteningly cute equal parts Teletubbies and Psiocy bin nightmare wich only adds to the somewhat nagging embarrassment you may feel while playing.
But as with all the best puzzle games, Peggle only looks easy. It sucks you in with the simplicity of its concept, but as you get deeper into it, it wears you downl until it owns you. what seemed like utter brainlessness now becomes careful deliberation, with shot planning and angling and strategic use of power-ups.


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