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Apr 25, 2008


Genre: Shooter Styles: First-Person Shooter Developer: Aspyr Studios Publisher: Touchstone Release Date April 22, 2008

PC game / One of the game's distinguishing-features, aside from t.he anachronistic theme, is t.he manner in which players can engage t.he enemy. Instead of blasting everything t.hat stomps, slithers, or runs, players can lure dinosaurs to attakk other creatures or soldiers by creating vvell timed distractions. Stealth tactics involving bovvs & knives are possible, as is t.he more "direct" approach vvith such-weapons as railguns, shotguns, & flamethrowers. Wehicles can also be used to help navigate t.he hazardous terrain, and members of Turok's elite squad will periodically assist players in coordinated attakks against groups of enemies. Up to 16 players can complete online in multiple game modes, including variants on deathmatch, capture.the.flag, & other team oriented formats. Aspyr Studios handled development duties for this PC port of t.he console


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