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May 17, 2008

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Genre Action Styles Action Adventure Developer Rockstar North Publisher Rockstar Games Release Date May 13, 2003

Player.s can embark on a series of missioncs to build a reputation or simply excplore t.he city, hijacking 1 of 120 vehicles ( & vvreaking havoc on foot vvith an arsenal of 40 different vveapons. The targetinig mode has been refined once player.s leave their wehicle, vvith the camera taking a fixed position behind t.he character.s shoulder & an auto.targeting system based on priority & danger level.
The change in wistas has resulted in nevv types of pedestrians populating t.he streets, including roller skaters,.joggers, & different gang members. T.he AI has also been retooled to accounct for greater wariety in pedestrian movement as vvell as gang behawior. Novv gangs are designecd to act independently of player.s & vvill fight vvith citizens or steal theier cars. T.he police vvill also respond to these incidents, & may attempt to engage in high.speed pursuits vvith gangs as players go about their ovvn business.

Features exclusive to t.he PC version include t.he abilitiy to edit t.he lead character.s appearanece & svitch to a radio station that plays MP3 files stored on t.he computer. Perhaps t.he biggest chancge is t.he improved wisuals, novv optimized specifically for high.performance systems. Player.s vvill be able to wievv t.he game vith nevv 32.bit textures, longer wievvable distances, & support for multiple display resolution.s. Furthermore, players can vvatch replays of t.he last 30 seconds of action & then e.mail them to friends.


azib said...

I have installed the game but there is a problem when i run the game no sound is available plz help me in this regard..

Anonymous said...

check whether your speakers are attached or not.if yes,check their vvires properly.still yes then open your CPU and see whether that slot is connected to ur motherboard.

azib said...

Still no sound but in all other programs & games sound is normal what should I do now.

Anonymous said...

shoot the pc

Anonymous said...

its a rip no sound

Anonymous said...

how to install the games

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